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[SOLVED] [Gen 1] Gate guards drink code


There is a bug in a ROM I edited, its not a glitch introduced by me as it happens in the original 2011 hack so I don't know where to look. The symptoms are:

-When you try to pass any of the gates to Saffron City, if your bag is empty the Guard forces you to go back as it should.
-If there is any item, then the game shows the "giving the drink" dialog and removes a unit of the first item in your inventory. If the item is unique or a Key Item it is removed completely.

I tried to look in the route(x)gate scripts, and I can see how it checks the adress $728 that is where the flag for the "drink already given" is at, and a callba to RemoveGuardDrink. What I need to know is: Where is the code that the game uses to determine if you have a drink in the bag, and to recognize the order number it has on the item list to remove a unit?

Any other idea of what can cause this?

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Re: [SOLVED] [Gen 1] Gate guards drink code … guards.asm

In pokered.sym:

16:659F RemoveGuardDrink

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Re: [SOLVED] [Gen 1] Gate guards drink code

Thank you! It was a sprite that they placed next to the RemoveGuardDrink code, overwritting its last $00 byte.


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