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A couple of quick questions

I'm working my way through an Emerald hack at the moment, but I'm starting to have ideas for my next one. I think I'm going to back to Gen 2 (because it's objectively the best generation), and make a sequel to my original hack but with new areas, story, etc. These questions are to help me get a basic plan of what to do.

1) Which is the best to hack: Crystal or Gold/Silver? With my Crystal hack I had to use hex for the most part since stuff like JohtoMap didn't work. Do those tools work well with Gold/Silver (like AdvanceMap) or is it not worth bothering with? I had issues with the Disassembly for Crystal so I'd rather use stuff like a Map Editor instead if it's viable. If not, I guess I'll have to try and work it out! I think G/S may also be better as I plan on putting in new pokemon and don't want to have to worry about animations.

2) My idea would require the use of a selectable character (like the male/female) between Whitney/Morty. They would start the game with Pokemon (their gym team) somewhere in Goldenrod (they'll both start in the same place as they will be starting the game talking to each other). Would that be difficult to do?

3) Are there any rombases available that have things like the physical / special split? Maybe fairy too, although that's not important. Also, if I add / change new moves, would it be difficult to assign physical/special or am I best of replacing physical moves with physical, and special with special?

Thanks guys!


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Re: A couple of quick questions

Crystal is definitely the best base to use, due to the disassembly, but if you really don't want to use the disassembly I'm not sure what advice to give you. There are github-based hacks with public source code like Crystal Complete and Twitch Plays Pokémon Anniversary Crystal that implement both the phys/spec split and the Fairy-type, it's not too difficult to port the code used their to your own hack, but I don't know about ROM bases that have them since that's kind of an obsolete concept for Gen I and II with the disassemblies as complete as they are.


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