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Add Shiny Pokemon in red/blue?

Well, I am hacking pokemon red using pokered. I've added lots of pokemon but I would like to add Shiny pokemon. I saw ShantyTown make it in Pokemon Maize, can someone help me?


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Re: Add Shiny Pokemon in red/blue?

You can take a look at the source for Red++, the commits for adding Shiny Pokemon are around the top of page 4 at the time of posting this. Red++ is based on a slightly outdated copy of Pokered, but it is a lot more recent than Maize is, so you would probably have an easier time looking at this than trying to track it down in Maize's source.

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#3 2016-07-08 00:27:30

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Re: Add Shiny Pokemon in red/blue?

+1 for Mateo's comment.  You can basically just copy/paste those two commits.  That code still uses the vanilla Bankswitch calls, rather than the current Bankswitch macros, just so you're aware.  I would expect it to compile.  If it doesn't, it will just need a few tweaks, which I'm happy to help with.

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