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#1 2016-06-02 19:23:47

Kuroko Aizawa
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Pokecrystal: Disabling sprite animations

I basically want to gut out the pokemon sprite animations and make them single framed for simplicity's sake in Gold/Silver style. First time working with the disassembly so it seems sprite editing isn't quite simplified to .pngs like the red disassembly is, so from what I can tell I'll need to decompress almost all the ingame images. If there's a way to just disable or remove animations that would make this process a lot simpler since I'm using almost no Gen 1/2 Pokemon for my current hack.

I looked around and saw this thread:

And all that did was confuse me more. Perhaps someone with more knowledge of the disassembly can explain it to me and clarify? Thanks.


#2 2016-06-03 13:53:30

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Re: Pokecrystal: Disabling sprite animations

I don't actually know how to do this so I can't really help directly, but in case it could help, what I do know is that the Battle Scene option in the options disables sprite animations in battles when it is set to Off. Could possibly look into how it works.

If you know where the routines are for loading sprites in battles, in the Summary screen, and in the Pokédex, could possibly disable them by doing something similar to what the Battle Scene option does. That option also disables in-battle attack, but hopefully it's coded in such a way that you could disable just sprite animations without disabling the attack animations.


#3 2016-06-04 12:04:35

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Re: Pokecrystal: Disabling sprite animations

Funny thing, I was trying to do the exact opposite and keep the animations going during the battle, so I've been trying to find out how they work.

So far I managed to stop the animation from playing, although that stops the whole battle from progressing.

The animations for battle/trading/etc are defined in animation_constants.asm (ANIM_MON_SLOW, ANIM_MON_NORMAL and others).
By adding one new animation here (ANIM_MON_NONE ; 9), and then looking for ANIM_MON_ in battle/core.asm and replacing the few results with ANIM_MON_NONE I was able to stop the animation from playing. The game is essentially broken with this, but I think it's the right direction for what you need.


#4 2016-06-05 20:48:16

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Re: Pokecrystal: Disabling sprite animations

This isn't the only way to do it, but:

Edit the files gfx/pics/anims.asm and gfx/pics/extras.asm. Replace each Pokémon's "INCLUDE" line with just "endanim". You can also edit bitmasks.asm, kanto_frames.asm, and johto_frames.asm, removing the "INCLUDE"s entirely, since they're no longer needed.

I've used this method to disable animations for specific Pokémon, since I only have their static sprites.


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