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Pokemon Hard Gold

Hello everyone,

as the title suggests, this is a hack of Pokemon Gold. The purpose was not to reinvent or remake the game like most hacks out there, but simply to improve the difficulty in a "professional" way. What do I mean by professional? Well, I've tried hacks in the past which do improve the difficulty level, but they either go WAY overboard with it (with, like, perfectly competitive sets by first gym, impossible level curves etc) or they just don't get it right. My intention here was to up the level curve and improve rosters all around, but within the realm of reasonableness. The objective is not to piss off players or encourage mindless grinding, but to provide a fair challenge.

Naturally, rosters are not the only things I changed, though. I never liked the fact that several Pokemon are either obtainable too late or not at all, that a few mons are completely gimped by their only decent moves being Egg moves, and so on. So, I added a few extra changes to improve the overall enjoyability of the game (again, trying to stay within the realm of reasonableness).

So, without further ado, here's the log of changes:

- New and improved rosters: all the major trainers (Gym leaders, Rival, Red, Rocket executives etc) got their rosters reworked and retuned for a slightly higher level curve. Trainers have been similarly improved, although I generally didn't go for specific movesets for them. The overall result should be a harder challenge, but not one which forces you to grind.

- All 251 Pokemon are obtainable in the game, one way or the other. Moreover, all of them except Mewtwo, Mew, Lugia, and the Johto starters you did not choose at the beginning of the game are available before the E4. Other Pokemon may also be available sooner than in the original game (hint: pay Route 46 a visit, seriously)

- TM09 now is Ice Beam. TM40 is now Flamethrower. TM43 is now Thunderbolt. They can be accessed at the Goldenrod game corner for 4000 coins each (TM14/25/38 have been moved to Kanto). Also, most TMs can now be bought at various Kanto Pokemarts for multiple use.

- Evolution stones (except Moon/Sun) have been made available for sale at Blackthorn City mart

- X items in Goldenrod city dept. store have been replaced with Kurt balls.

- Trade evolutions have been removed. Kadabra, Machoke, Haunter, and Graveler evolve at lvl 40. Onix evolves at level 42, Scyther evolves at level 30, Poliwhirl evolves (into Politoed) at level 35, Seadra and Slowpoke (into Slowking) evolve by happiness, Porygon evolves by using Upgrade on it. (Upgrade can be obtained by the girl which previously gave you TM11 in Radio Tower)

- A few movesets have been reworked. Several Rock-type Pokemon which previously got Rock Slide via egg now get it via level. A few Flying-type Pokemon which previously got Drill Peck via egg now get it via level. Delibird got a few egg moves added as level 1 moves. Gligar got Wing Attack by level and Earthquake by TM. Golduck got Psychic by TM. Eevee and its evolutions now learn Growth at level 1.

If you found any bugs (such as wrong TM compatibilities) please contact me. Also, if you have further suggestions, I'm all ears.

Download (ver 1.3): … d_Gold.gbc

EDIT: Ver 1.1: Fixed a map bug in Mt. Mortar
         Ver 1.2: Fixed an issue with Goldenrod and Celadon game corner price checks
         Ver 1.3: Fixed a map bug in Dark Cave and Silver's Feraligatr moveset

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