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Help Required for Pokemon Crystal Romhack

Hi Guys,

This is my first post, but I have been making good use of the forums to help me with my romhack.

I have been working on my pet project for a short while now and I have reached the limits of my ability, and am looking to hire out help from someone more skilled than I am to help finish it.

I'll start by telling you what my project actually is. One of my favourite games is Pokemon Crystal. However, I am very aware of various faults. In particular the Johto Leaders are uninspired and the difficulty curve of the whole game is all over the place. This project completely overhauls all leaders, trainers and wild pokemon to make the game more interesting, and to smooth out the difficulty curve. It also resolves various other issues, such as the TR storyline, trade evolutions, missing pokemon, etc. In addition to these 'improvements' (at least in my eyes), various other things have been remixed and added to make things a little more different.

What I have been unable to do is as follows:

* Amend the title screen
* Update the sprites for the TR Executives and the Cerulean grunt (not sure if the grunt can be changed though without affecting all grunts...)
* Remove the text upon entry to the Sprout Tower
* Change the prize from beating the final sage in Sprout Tower to a GS Ball, instead of HM05
* Implement running shoes (I tried to follow the script in the Gen2 forum but it didn't seem to work for me. I probably messed something up)

I have the sprites for the first two points, so I do not need a spriter. Only someone who can make it work in game.

Also, I believe the GS Ball needs an authentication script. The Gameshark method requires two codes: one for the ball, and one to say that it is legit. I assume the hex editing would require the same thing. If all else fails, having the NPC give the player Celebi would suffice - but I would prefer having the mini mission with the Ilex Shrine and Kurt.

I realise that the hex editing required for the above probably isn't the most difficult thing to accomplish, however since this is a pet project for my favourite pokemon game and I will likely do no more romhacks after (well, possibly :) ), I think it would take more time and effort to learn what to do than it is worth for the little I have left. I have managed to use tools and some very basic hex editing to do achieve what I have done so far, but cannot go any further. I have tried many times and failed. That is why I am looking for outside help for the final things. I have not used the disassembly, which may have made some of these possible, but I don't want to do everything again just for a few things. I have spent a lot of time in doing what I have done so far, so the idea of repeating this isn't an option.

I don't think the above should prove too difficult, time consuming for people with the necessary knowledge (I imagine!) but I am willing to provide financial compensation for help. As I say, I'm wanting to hire services from someone with the necessary skillset.

If you are interested, please let me know and we can talk about it further.



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