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No sound effect when Wild Pokemon faints [pokered w/ crystal audio]

Hello! I've recently started a hack based on the pokered assembly, using pokered-gen-ii with the crystal audio engine as a base. I've made a lot of progress, but I've run in to an issue that's got me scratching my head. I noticed this in the unmodified pokered-gen-II as well, so I don't believe it's something that I did. Anyway, when a wild Pokemon faints, there is no sound effect played at all. When fighting a trainer's Pokemon, the "thud" which plays after the fainting sound (which still does not play) at least triggers, but never during a wild encounter.

I checked out engine/battle/core.asm and the part of the code that is supposed to play these sounds did seem to check out...I could swap in another sound over the faint thud and that would play during the trainer battle, but the faint sound itself still will not trigger regardless of what sound is being told to play (for the record, the sound would be SFX_FAINT_FALL in the normal disassembly, and RBSFX_08_48 in the crystal audio engine) ... is this a known issue with the crystal audio engine that's been addressed at some point, or have I just encountered something weird? Are there any other known SFX oddities I should be considering when using this sound engine? Any advice is appreciated, since I'm not even sure where to really start with this!

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