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Pokered - Chinese Charmap?

I've noticed the charmap.asm file for Pokemon Red. I'm interested in translating Pokemon Red from English to Simplified Chinese (it's sorta a self-project of mine that I'm willing to get experienced in). I'm currently and relatively a n00b here, so I figured it's worth asking...

There are about 55 English characters in the charmap.asm file. From what I understand, these characters are stored in certain addresses (in a single ROM bank I believe?). Now I know that there are much more Simplified Chinese characters than the English alphabet. So how would I store most to all of these characters in the charmap.asm file without overriding other addresses? And are there extra memory addresses I can store these characters in for use?


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Re: Pokered - Chinese Charmap?

I'm also a newbie so I don't know, but if the Japanese alphabet is left in the game you should be able to somehow access that and get a little additional character space... If there's any way to overlay pictures on top of each other, it could be possible to build a certain amount of characters via overlapping radicals to form the final image, thus saving space...

By the way, how many characters do you think you'll need at the absolute minimum? I think that will help people out.

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Re: Pokered - Chinese Charmap?

You might be better off foregoing the charmap completely. rgbasm defaults to utf-8.

If your character graphics are 16x16, it will take 28 banks to hold 7168 of them. For comparison, pokered currently uses 61 banks. The rom is 1MB (64 banks), but the real limit is 2MB (128 banks). So there should be plenty of space for characters, and probably enough space for utf-8 text, with some left over.

If you're worried that utf-8 codepoints are wasteful, wait until you actually hit 2MB first. I'm not convinced you need to compose graphics with radicals either.

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