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Pokemon Crystal disassembly questions.

I've tried to search but found nothing.
1. Concerning the learn tables in evo_attacks.asm can I just make every pokemon have 20-25 attacks with no issues or will I need to repoint to free space?

I've never done that before and was kinda hoping it would be just as simply as editing other various data. I've compiled with no error but I really don't want to face error for this in the future and in case I'm not explaining properly ill post a pastebin/hastebin basicaly I'd like to do something similar for every pokemon just not sure if I can do it without repointing data or if I'm limited to editing existing learn tables.

2. How complicated would it be to add new moves instead or replacing existing ones in the disasembly?

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Re: Pokemon Crystal disassembly questions.

1. You should be fine. The absolute worst case scenario is that you just need to make a couple functions that reference EvosAttacks bank aware, and remove the BANK[EVOS_ATTACKS] part from the section in data/evos_attacks.asm, so the linker will put it wherever it fits. If you don't know what bank aware means, just look at how other functions reference EvosAttacks (for example, MoonBallMultiplier in items/item_effects.asm).

2. Adding moves 252-254 is easy. Adding more than that is not as easy, because you now have to make move ids two bytes instead of one. You would want to fix any functions, data, macros, structs, etc that deal with moves. It doesn't have to happen all in one go, but you will have a lot of bugs until it's done. Same thing for more than 254 Pokemon or items.


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