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Custom Moves for Yellow

I'm aware that trainer teams or bosses can be customized in yellow. Is there a tutorial for how to do that?
Like making a boss have 4 Pokemon or six Pokemon, with a custom movepool? Because I don't feel like having to modify 151 pokemon's movepools for future hacks.

I'd appreciate the help, and I promise to credit you.

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Re: Custom Moves for Yellow … _moves.asm

That shows the format of how custom moves are defined in Yellow. I don't think it lists the offset though, so you would need to search for them if you were using the normal rom. But that would at least give you an idea of what you would need to be looking for. Note that the top section is R/B only and the bottom section is Yellow only. Hope that helps get you started anyway. … arties.asm

That shows the format for trainer parties in RBY, to make it easier to search for them.

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