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Pokemon Diamond & Pearl Demixed

Some of you might know that I seemed pretty headstrong about doing a full demix of Pokemon Diamond and Pearl's soundtrack, making it compatible with pokecrystal's audio engine.
I'm slowly working on this, and these things take time.
I wanted to make this thread a place to see progress, and maybe talk about it.

Updated with the night variation tracks

Link to download all the current versions: …
(Updated as of 12/27/2016)
Most of my new ones will be uploaded to my soundcloud
Here's a video of Sunny Shore's demix:
Songs Completed: 44/149
1-Opening Movie
6-Route 201
9-Battle! (Wild Pokémon)
10-Victory! (Wild Pokémon)
13-Sandgem Town
15-Hurry Along
16-Pokémon Center
20-Battle! (Trainer Battle)
21-Victory! (Trainer Battle)
22-Jubilife City
25-Route 203
26-Battle! (Rival)
29-Oreburgh City
39-Route 205
41-Battle! (Team Galactic)
42-Eterna Forest
46-Battle! (Team Galactic Commander)
52-Route 206
54-Route 209
56-Solaceon Town
58-Route 210
61-Canalave City
62-Route 216
65-Battle! (Team Galactic Boss)
72-Sunyshore City
77-Route 225
78-Route 228
81-Pokemon Center (Night)
86-TV Station
91-Route 203 (Night)
97-The Underground
107-Game Corner
111-Route 209 (Night)
117-A Poké Radar Hit!
131-Route 228 (Night)
135-Route 225 (Night)
136-Stark Mountain
145-Battle! (Champion)

Songs Not Completed: 105/149
3-Special Report: "Search for the Red Gyarados!"
4-Twinleaf Town
8-A Surprise at the Lake!
12-Obtained an Item!
14-The Pokémon Lab
17-Pokémon Healed
18-Trainers' Eyes Meet (Youngster)
19-Trainers' Eyes Meet (Lass)
23-Obtained a Key Item!
24-Poké Mart
27-Oreburgh Gate
28-Obtained a TM!
30-Oreburgh Mine
31-Pokémon Gym
32-Battle! (Gym Leader)
33-Victory! (Gym Leader)
34-Obtained a Badge!
35-Trainers' Eyes Meet (Twins)
36-Level Up!
37-Floaroma Town
38-Obtained a Berry!
40-Team Galactic Appears!
43-Let's Go Together!
44-Eterna City
45-Galactic Eterna Building
47-Victory! (Team Galactic)
49-Congratulations! Your Pokémon Evolved!
51-Trainers' Eyes Meet (Cyclist)
53-Hearthome City
55-Trainers' Eyes Meet (Hiker)
57-Obtained a Pokétch App!
59-Veilstone City
60-Valor Lakefront
63-Snowpoint City
64-Team Galactic HQ
66-Deep Within Team Galactic HQ
67-Mt. Coronet
68-Spear Pillar
69-The Legendary Pokémon Appears!
71-Battle! (Dialga/Palkia)
73-Victory Road
74-Trainers' Eyes Meet (Ace Trainer)
75-Pokémon League
76-Fight Area
79-Twinleaf Town (Night)
80-Route 201 (Night)
82-Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection
83-Sandgem Town (Night)
85-Jubilife City (Night)
89-Canalave City (Night)
90-Move Deleted
92-Trainers' Eyes Meet (Black Belt)
93-Oreburgh City (Night)
94-Route 205 (Night)
95-Trainers' Eyes Meet (Sailor)
96-Eterna City (Night)
98-Captured a Flag Underground!
99-Trainers' Eyes Meet (Aroma Lady)
100-Floaroma Town (Night)
101-Old Chateau
102-Solaceon Town (Night)
103-Great Marsh
104-Route 206 (Night)
105-Trainers' Eyes Meet (Collector)
106-Veilstone City (Night)
108-You're a Winner!
109-You're a Jackpot Winner!
110-Trainers' Eyes Meet (PI)
112-Snowpoint City (Night)
113-Route 216 (Night)
114-Lake Caverns
115-Battle! (Azelf/Mesprit/Uxie)
116-Route 210 (Night)
118-Sunnyshore City (Night)
119-Trainers' Eyes Meet (Artist)
120-Amity Square
121-Got an Accessory
122-Hearthome City (Night)
123-Contest Hall
125-Super Contest!
126-Contest: Dress Up
127-Dance: Easy
128-Dance: Difficult
129-Contest: Results Announcement
130-Contest: Winner
132-Valor Lakefront (Night)
133-Fight Area (Night)
134-Battle Tower
137-Battle! (Legendary Pokémon)
138-Mystery Gift
139-Pokemon League (Night)
140-Decisive Battle! (Pokémon League)
141-The Elite Four Appear!
142-Battle! (Elite Four)
143-Victory! (Elite Four)
144-Champion Cynthia
146-Victory! (Champion)
147-Hall of Fame
148-Congratulations on Entering the Hall of Fame!
149-Ending Theme

I'll try to keep this up to date best I can, and I am known to take hiatus's, and come back months later. Let me know If I'm missing songs, or you see mistakes. As far as Platinum exclusive tracks, I might do those afterwards.

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Re: Pokemon Diamond & Pearl Demixed

Sounds very cool! Keep up the good work!

Hacks Gameboy 8-bit music in Pokémon Gen I & II, composes 8-bit music in LSDJ and FamiTracker.

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Re: Pokemon Diamond & Pearl Demixed

I'm not sure if the list in the OP is current, if it's not then I hope I didn't do anything you already did, but I did a few tracks that seemed to not be done yet.

So far I did:

27-Oreburgh Gate … path-8-bit
37-Floaroma Town … -gbc-8-bit
79-Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection … obby-8-bit

And obviously I have the actual GBC data (made in disassembly, I don't know how to separate them as .gbs files, but crystalcomplete is made with disassembly so I don't think that's an issue yet). If these are good enough by your standards I hope me doing these help with the project, if there are issues I'd like to try to improve them so they are up to your standards.


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Re: Pokemon Diamond & Pearl Demixed

Sadly it is still up to date. I haven't had much interest in working on this lately, but like most things, I'll probably come back to it, even if it takes till spring. As for others contributing, I don't  want to sound rude, but this is a project I want to do on my own. By no means should this detract others from taking a stab at songs, as it can help spread the inspiration. Right now, my favorite demix is Underground and Route 203. I might give the GTS song a similar feel to underground
I do like your demixes, it seems like they're spruced up good with envelope and vibrato like the original RBY/GSC

EDIT 1/10/16: I'm still planning on doing more work with this. At this moment, I'm making an all in one sequenced music editor. I plan on keeping this private, but It should help tremendously when I add support for this format. Spring usually fills me with inspiration for this sort of stuff, and I have fond memories of HG/SS during that time.

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Re: Pokemon Diamond & Pearl Demixed

I've updated the first post with ALL of my current demixes, and GBS files for them.

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