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Map locations and Wild Pokemon data

A8000-A81C1 Route 32
A81C2-A8275 Route 40
A8276-A8383 Route 36
A8384-A8491 Route 44
A8492-A8545 Route 28
A8546-A8551 **Hiro's House (COPY)**
A8552-A86B9 Celadon City
A86BA-A8821 Saffron City
A8822-A892F Route 2
A8930-A893F Prof Elm's House
A8940-A8999 **Beta Gym** (Jap Tower) 10x10
A899A-A8A4D Route 11
A8A4E-A8AA7 **Beta Room** (Jap Tower) 10x10
A8AAA-A8B5B Route 15
A8B5C-A8B7F **Beta Room** (Jap Tower) 6x6
A8B80-A8C33 Route 19
A8C34-A8D9B **Beta Ecruteak** (Johto) 20x18
A8D9C-A8DF5 Route 10 (2)
A8DF6-A8E15 Cable Club
A8E16-A909A Route 41
A909B-A9112 Route 33
A9113-A92D4 Route 45
A92D5-A93E2 Route 29
A93E3-A943C Route 37
A943D-A9496 Lavender Town
A9497-A94F0 Pallet Town
A94F1-A95FE Route 25
A95FF-A9658 Route 24
A9659-A97C0 **Beta Violet** (Johto) 20x18
A97C1-A98CE Route 3
A98CF-A9A36 Pewter City
A9A37-A9B9D **Beta Route** (Johto) 20x18
A9B9F-A9BF8 **Beta Room** (Jap Tower) 10x9
A9BF9-A9D06 Route 12
A9D07-A9E6E **Beta Goldenrod** (Johto) 20x18
A9E6F-A9F7C Route 21
A8F7D-A9FD6 **Beta Room** (Jap Tower) 10x9
A9FD7-A9FF6 **Beta Pokecenter** (Pokecenter) 8x4
A9FF7-AA104 Route 30
AA105-AA320 Route 26
AA321-AA52E Route 42
AA42F-AA53C Route 34
AA53D-AA5F0 Route 46
AA5F1-AA758 Fuchsia City
AA759-AA80C Route 38
AA80D-AA866 **Beta Town** 10x9
AA867-AA876 Houses
AA877-AA88A Route Gate 1
AA88B-AA9F2 **Beta Blackthorn** 20x18
AA9F3-AAA4C **Beta Cherrygrove** 20x18
AAA4D-AAAA6 Cinnibar Island
AAAA7-AAB5A Route 4
AAB5B-AAC0E Route 8
AAC0F-AAC68 **Beta Room** (Jap Tower) 10x9
AAC69-AADD0 Viridian City
AADD1-AAEDE Route 13
AAEDF-AAF92 Route 21
AAF93-AAFEC **Beta Room** (Jap Tower) 10x9
AAFED-AB1AE Route 17
AB1AF-AB208 **Beta Mahogany** 10x9
AB209-AB2BC Route 31
AB2BD-AB424 Route 27
AB425-AB4D8 Route 35
AB4D9-AB5E6 Route 43
AB5E7-AB69A Route 39
AB69B-AB6AE Hiro's House
AB6AF-AB6C2 Route Gate 2
AB6C3-AB82A **Beta Town** 20x18
AB82B-AB992 Vermilion City
AB993-ABAFA **Beta Olivine** 20x18
ABAFB-ABB54 **Beta Town** 10x9
ABB55-ABB72 Prof. Elm's Lab
ABB73-ABCDA Cerulean City
ABD8F-ABDE8 Route 5
ABDE9-ABEF6 Route 9
ABEF7-ABFAA Route 22
ABFAB-ABFFF Blank data
AC000-AC0B3 Route 14
AC10E-AC125 Mart
AC126-AC17F Route 10 (1)
AC180-AC2E7 **Beta Lake of Rage**
AC2E8-AC2FB Pokecenter
AC2FC-AC33F **Beta Map** (Unknown Tileset)
AC340-AC35F School
AC3B4-AC3D3 Big Mart (1)
AC3D4-AC3F3 Big Mart (2)
AC3F4-AC413 Big Mart (3)
AC414-AC433 Big Mart (4)
AC434-AC453 Big Mart (5)
AC454-AC473 Big Mart (6)
AC474-AC477 Big Mart (Elevator)
AC478-AC48B Celadon Mansion (1)
AC48C-AC49F Celadon Mansion (2)
AC4A0-AC4B3 Celadon Mansion (3)
AC4B4-AC4C7 Celadon Mansion (4)
AC4C8-AC4D7 **Celadon Mansion (5) BETA** 4x4
AC4D8-AC51D Celadon Casino
AC51E-AC526 Celadon Prizes
AC527-AC53A Battle Room
AC53B-AC54E Trading Room
AC54F-AC55E Japanese House
AC55F-AC5B8 **BETA Cave** 10x9
AC8B9-AC66C Union Cave (2)
AC66D-AC720 Union Cave (3)
AC721-AC7D4 Union Cave (1)
AC7D5-AC9F0 National Park
AC9F1-ACA00 Underground Gates
ACA01-ACA10 **Beta Pokecenter** 4x4
ACA11-ACA30 Kurt's House
ACA31-ACA8A Train Station
ACA8B-ACB3E Ruins of Alph Outside
ACB40-ACB52 **Ruins of Alph Small Room COPY**
ACB53-ACB66 Ruins of Alph Small Room
ACB67-ACBF2 Ruisn of Alph Basement
ACBF3-ACC4C Sprout Tower (1)
ACC4D-ACCA6 Sprout Tower (2)
ACCA7-ACD00 Sprout Tower (3)
ACD01-ACD24 Radio Tower (1)
ACD25-ACD48 Radio Tower (2)
ACD49-ACD6C Radio Tower (3)
ACD6D-ACD90 Radio Tower (4)
ACD91-ACDB4 Radio Tower (5)
ACDB5-ACE0E New Bark Town
ACE0F-ACEC2 Cerrrygrove City
ACEC3-AD02A Violet City
AD02B-AD0DE Azalea Town
AD0DF-AD273 Cianwood City
AD274-AD3DB Goldenrod City
AD3DC-AD543 Olivine City
AD544-AD6AB Ecruteak City
AD6AC-AD705 Mahogany Town
AD706-AD86D Lake of Rage
AD86E-AD9D5 Blackthorn City
AD9D6-ADB3D Outside Silver Cave
ADB3E-ADB97 Route 6
ADB98-ADBF1 Route 7
ADBF2-ADC4B Route 16
ADC4C-ADCA5 Route 18
ADCA6-ADDB3 Goldenrod Underground
ADDB4-ADEC1 Switch Room
ADEC2-ADF1B Goldenrod Mart Basement
ADF1C-ADF75 Goldenrod Storage Room
ADF76-ADF8E **Elevator COPY* 5x5
ADF8F-ADFE8 Tin Tower (1)
ADFE9-AE042 Tin Tower (2)
AE043-AE09C Tin Tower (3)
AE09D-AE0F6 Tin Tower (4)
AE0F7-AE050 Tin Tower (5)
AE151-AE1AA Tin Tower (6)
AE1AB-AE204 Tin Tower (7)
AE205-AE25E Tin Tower (8)
AE25F-AE2B8 Tin Tower (9)
AE2B9-AE312 Tin Tower (10)
AE313-AE36C Burned Tower (1)
AE36D-AE3C6 Burned Tower (2)
AE3C7-AE4D4 **Burned Tower (3) BETA** 15x18
AE4D5-AE63C Mt. Moltar (1)
AE63D-AE858 Mt. Moltar (2)
AE859-AE9C0 Mt. Moltar (3)
AE9C1-AEB28 Mt. Moltar (4)
AEB29-AEC90 Ice Path (1)
AEC91-AED44 Ice Path (2)
AED45-AED9E Ice Path (3)
AED9F-AEDCB Ice Path (4)
AEDCC-AEE25 Ice Path (5)
AEE26-AEE52 Whirl Islands (1)
AEE53-AEEAC Whirl Islands (2)
AEEAD-AEF06 Whirl Islands (3)
AEF07-AEF33 Whirl Islands (4)
AEF34-AEF60 Whirl Islands (5)
AEF61-AF0C8 Whirl Islands (6)
AF0C9-AF17C Whirl Islands (7)
AF17D-AF1D6 Whirl Islands (8)
AF1D7-AF28A Silver Cave (1)
AF28B-AF398 Silver Cave (2)
AF399-AF44C Silver Cave (3)
AF44D-AF55A **Team Rocket Hideout? BETA**
AF55B-AF668 **Team Rocket Hideout? BETA**
AF669-AF776 **Room BETA** 15x18 *Jap Tower Tileset*
AF777-AF884 **Team Rocket Hideout? BETA**
AF885-AF894 Mahogany Shop
AF895-AF91B Team Rocket Hideout (1)
AF91C-AF9A2 Team Rocket Hideout (2)
AF9A3-AFA29 Team Rocket Hideout (3)
AFA2A-AFA83 **Route 23? BETA**
AFA84-AFAC2 Indigo Plateau Lobby
AFAC2-AFAEF Indigo Room 1
AFAF0-AFB1C Indigo Room 2
AFB1D-AFB49 Indigo Room 3
AFB4A-AFB76 Indigo Room 4
AFB77-AFB9E Azalea Gym
AFB9F-AFBC6 Violet Gym
AFBC7-AFC20 Goldenrod Gym
AFC21-AFC4D Ecruteak Gym
AFC4E-AFC7A Magohany Gym
AFC7B-AFCA2 Olivine Gym
AFCA3-AFCB6 **Beta Map** (Unknown Tileset)
AFCB7-AFCE3 Cianwood Gym
AFCE4-AFD10 Blackthorn Gym (1)
AFD11-AFD3D Blackthorn Gym (2)
AFD3E-AFD97 Lighthouse (1)
AFD98-AFDF1 Lighthouse (2)
AFDF2-AFE4B Lighthouse (3)
AFE4C-AFEA5 Lighthouse (4)
AFEA6-AFEFF Lighthouse (5)
AFF00-AFF59 Lighthouse (6)
AFF5A-AFF89 BETA MAP (Unknown Tilest)
AFF8A-AFFFF Blank Data

Bank 37 DC000
DC000-DC022 **Beta Cave** 5X7 cave Tileset
DC023-DC07C Slowpoke Well (1)
DC07D-DC0D6 Slowpoke Well (2)
DC0D7-DC26B Ilex Forest
DC26C-DC3D3 Dark Cave (1)
DC3D4-DC4E1 Dark Cave (2)
DC4E2-DC4F1 Ruins of Alph House
DC4F2-DC501 Bike Shop
DC502-DC52B Ecruteak Dance House
DC52C-DC585 Ecruteak Underground (1)
DC856-DC8CB Goldenrod Casino
DC5CC-DC5DB National Park Gate (1)
DC5DC-DC5EF National Park Gate (2)
DC5F0-DC67F Fast Ship (1)
DC680-DC6FF Fast Ship (2)
DC700-DC70F **Beta Map** Unknown Tileset
DC710-DC74F Fast Ship (3)
DC750-DC78F Fast Ship (4)
DC790-DC7E4 Fast Ship (5)
DC7E5-DC898 Olivine Peer
DC899-DC94C Vermiloin City
DC94D-DC95C Fuchsia Restaraunt
DC95D-DC968 Hiro's Room
DC969-DC9C2 Saffron Train Station
DC9C3-DC9EA Cerulean Gym
DC9EB-DCA17 Vermilion Ftm
DCA18-DCA71 Saffron Gym
DCA72-DCACB Power Plant
DCAE0-DCAFD Saffron Dojo
DCB1E-DCB4A Viridian Gym
DCB4B-DCB6D Trainer House (1)
DCB6E-DCB95 Trainer House (2)
DCB96-DCBA5 Ash's House
DCBA6-DCBB5 Ash's Room
DCBB6-DCBD3 Oak's Lab
DCBD4-DCBE7 Lavender House
DCBE8-DCC0F Lav Radio Tower
DCC10-DCC69 Silver Cave (4)
DCC6A-DCC7D Day Care House
DCC7E-DCC91 Lavender Rest House
DCC92-DCCB4 Pewter Gym
DCCB5-DCCE1 Celadon Gym
DCCE2-DCCF5 **Beta Map** Unknown Tileset
DCCF6-DCD0D Celadon Restaraunt
DCD0E-DCD25 **Beta Room!* Tileset 12 6x4
DCD26-DCE33 Rock Tunnel (1)
DCE34-DCF41 Rock Tunnel (2)
DCF42-DCFF5 Digletts Cave
DCFF6-DD07C Mt. Moon
DD07D-DD090 Seafoam Islands
DD091-DD0A0 Mr. Pokemn's House
DD0A1-DD0FA Route 22/26/23/28 Gate
DD0FB-DD154 Olivine/Vermilion Underground
DD155-DD181 Fuchsia Gym
DD182-DD235 Safari Zone
DD236-DD25F Kanto Underground
DD260-DD26F Miltank Pen
DD270-DD3D7 Victory Roady
DD3D8-DD431 Route 23
DD432-DD46D Lance
DD46E-DD490 Hall of Fame Room
DD491-DD4A0 Copycats House
DD4A1-DD4AF Copycats Room
DD4B0-DD4BF Flower Slop
DD4C0-DD546 Mt. Moon Square
DD547-DD556 Ecruteak Underground (2)
DD557-DD583 Dragon's Den (1)
DD584-DD6EB Dragon's Den (2)
DD6EC-DD772 Tohjo Falls

List compiled by Coolboyman.

EDIT: wait, that is only the map offsets. The wild pokemon list would be:

2A590-2A592 Pointer to Kanto Water Pokemon
2A783-2A785 Pointer to Johto Water Pokemon
2A761-2A763 Pointer to Special Pokemon Load
2A779-2A77B Pointer to Goodrod Pokemon
2AA73-2AA75 Pointer to Johto Pokemon
2AA7E-2AA80 Pointer to Kanto Pokemon

2AB35-2B668 Johto Wild Pokemon
Johto Water Pokemon -
2B669-2B671 Violet City
2B672-2B67S Union Cave (1)
2B67B-2B683 Union Cave (2)
2B684-2B68C Union Cave (3)
2B68D-2B695 Slowpoke Well (1)
2B696-2B69E Slowpoke Well (2)
2B69F-2B6A7 Ilex Forest
2B6A8-2B6B0 Mt. Moltar (1)
2B6B1-2B6B9 Mt. Moltar (3)
2B6BA-2B6C2 Mt. Moltar (4)
2B6C3-2B6CB Whirl Islands (3)
2B6CC-2B6D4 Whirl Islands (7)
2B6D5-2B6DD Whirl Islands (8)
2B6DE-2B6E6 Silver Cave (2)
2B6E7-2B6EF Dark Cave (1)
2B6F0-2B6F8 Dark Cave (2)
2B6F9-2B701 Dragon's Den
2B702-2B70A Route 30
2B70B-2B713 Route 31
2B714-2B71C Route 32
2B71D-2B725 Route 34
2B726-2B72E Route 35
2B72F-2B737 Route 40
2B738-2B740 Route 41
2B741-2B749 Route 42
2B74A-2B752 Route 43
2B753-2B76D Route 44
2B75C-2B764 Route 45
2B765-2B76D New Bark Town
2B76E-2B776 Cherrygrove City
2B777-2B77F Violet City
2B780-2B788 Cianwood City
2B789-2B791 Olivine City
2B792-2B79C Ecruteak City
2B79B-2B7A3 Lake of Rage
2B7A4-2B7AC Blackthorn City
2B7AD-2B7B5 Silver Cave
2B7B6-2B7BE Olivine City Dock
2B7BF- End
2B7C0-2BD42 Kanto Wild Pokemon
- Kanto Water Pokemon -
2BD43-2BD4B Route 4
2BD4C-2BD54 Route 6
2BD55-2BD5D Route 9
2BD5E-2BD66 Route 10
2BD67-2BD6F Route 12
2BD70-2BD78 Route 13
2BD79-2BD81 Route 19
2BD82-2BD8C Route 20
2BD8B-2BD93 Route 21
2BD94-2BD9C Route 22
2BD9D-2BDA5 Route 24
2BDA6-2BDAE Route 25
2BDAF-2BDB7 Route 26
2BDB8-2BDC0 Route 27
2BDC1-2BDC9 Tohjo Falls
2BDCA-2BDD2 Route 28
2BDD3-2BDDB Pallet Town
2BDDC-2BDE4 Viridian City
2BDE5-2BDED Cerulean City
2BDEE-2BDF6 Vermilion City
2BDF7-2BDFF Celadon City
2BE00-2BE08 Fuchsia City
2BE09-2BE11 Cinnibar Island
2BE12-2BE1A Vermilion Dock
Special Pokemon Data Load (Person Calls you saying theres Pokemon in a place).
2BE1C-2BE4A Route 35
2BE4B-2BE79 Route 38
2BE7A-2BEA8 Dark Cave
2BEA9-2BED7 Mt. Moltar
2BED9-2BEE2 Pokemon found with Good Rod
2BEE3-2BFFF Blank Data

first part is map declaration (bank then number)

Also compiled by Coolboyman

I am not very active on this forum. I only pop in from time to time.


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Re: Map locations and Wild Pokemon data

Any time I try to load any of the beta maps into Johto Map, I get a "Bad Map" message. How can I get around this?

EDIT: Apparently this happens with all maps. I think the "load map from address" is broken.

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Re: Map locations and Wild Pokemon data

How I can repoint the Kanto wild pokémon data? Seems that I can repoint only into the same bank (0A) but the space not is enough for me, I have to restore the missing maps like Safari zone and Seafoam islands, but how I can change the pointer into another bank?

The italian Pokémon Green creator.


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