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#1 2015-08-05 05:26:35

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Vs. Seeker in Gen 1 or 2 Idea. Or something similar.

I did like the idea of the Vs. Seeker that was introduced in Generation 3, and I was wondering about a certain idea.

I don't know if there is an asm that was made to make the Vs. Seeker work, but if not, I would like to propose an idea of a vs. seeker, or in Gen 2's case, maybe a pokegear that functions like a vs. seeker, with a few differences or improvements:

The differences:
Trainers do not reject the offer of the Vs. Seeker.
Vs. Seeker activates Gym Leader Fights
Vs. Seeker activates fights inside buildings and caves.
Maybe the chargeup time could be removed or not, its really to lower the complaint of grinding.

This is only a suggestion. How is that for an idea?

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#2 2015-08-05 10:48:22

Rocket Grunt
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Re: Vs. Seeker in Gen 1 or 2 Idea. Or something similar.

I have an idea, perhaps VS Seeker can serve as an item, and whenever you use it, it flips certain trainer bits from 1 to 0 so that you can fight them again. But then, that will be a poor VS Seeker since the trainers will act as if they have not been beaten yet :D

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#3 2015-08-06 07:11:05

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Re: Vs. Seeker in Gen 1 or 2 Idea. Or something similar.

I don't even know how Vs. Seeker is supposed to work so hard to help about this idea. Anyway, what comes to what Rocket Grunt said here, you can have any kind of a script activated after the battle ends when you talk to the trainer again - even another trainer battle. So you could always make the Vs. Seeker make the trainer challengeable again after you have battled him/her before. Every trainer would have two bit numbers associated with it: one for the first battle and the other one for re-challenges.

You could also come up with a better solution that wouldn't require two bit numbers for each trainer - instead, you could use a couple of all with some kind of a method that would allow it.


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