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Best Ball catch rate in RBY

Long time ago I've read on Bulbapedia about how Pokeballs catch rates works in RBY and so I've been brainstorming about what's the best type of ball overall, I mean, at any situation.

Besides Master Ball, the info says Poke Ball generates a random number between 0-255, Great Ball 0-200 and Ultra Ball/Safari Ball 0-150. This means that Poke Ball is the best option since it generates more random numbers?


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Re: Best Ball catch rate in RBY

That depends on the situation. If the Pokemon has status ailments, then a PokeBall provides the greatest chance of capture.

But look at this:

f = (HPmax * 255 * 4) / (HPcurrent * Ball)

given that Ball = 8 for Great Ball or 12 otherwise, and given that

If f is greater than or equal to M, the Pokémon is caught.

Since we need to have f>=N (where N is a randomly generated number which is between 0 and 255 for PokeBall etc.), the number generated should be lower to secure a greater chance of capture, therefore Ultra Ball is the best and Poke Ball is the worst.

But consider the variable Ball, since exclusively, the value of Great Ball is 8 (and Ultra Ball is 12). Great Ball can be even more effective than an Ultra Ball, when a Pokemon has a high catch rate and it's HP is greater than 1/2.

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