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Inserting Wild Pokemon Data

I recently took two maps that weren't being used, the unused house in Olivine and one of the GBC link rooms, in my Silver and turned them into additions to Victory Road. I got everything on the maps to function properly (at least from what I could tell) and even added wild Pokemon to the maps. To do so, I shifted down the wild Pokemon data for Kanto Water, Swarms, and GoodRod to make space for the data for my new maps and repointed the pointers to those 3 sets of wild Pokemon data. Wild Pokemon seem to work properly on my new maps but I can't seem to find wild Pokemon in Kanto Water anymore. Did I miss something?


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Re: Inserting Wild Pokemon Data

There are two pointers to kanto water wild pokemon. Check out WildMons4 in … r/main.asm

Have you repointed both?


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