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Extending R/B/Y level-up movesets

I want to ask the easiest way to extend the level up movesets.
I have used hex editors and with some patiente I can manually edit the existing moves, levels, and evolutions with some patiente, as for doing a basic rom edit that is the only thing I haven't found yet a tool that can do that easily

the only idea I have that could work and I could do is more than extending, would be streching, so I would delete some level up moves from preevolutions, and move those extra bytes to pokemon like stone evolutions or single stage pokemon who was none or a few level up moves, then changining the pointers that redirect to the level up and evolutions table.

However I'm not sure if that would really work. I don't care if it will take a lot of work keeping the pointers in place.

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Re: Extending R/B/Y level-up movesets

2qe6647 wrote:

I don't care if it will take a lot of work keeping the pointers in place.

You should.

The solution here would be to write a script or use an assembler to juggle the pointers for you.

We went a bit further and disassembled Pokemon Red/Blue in full. Now you can add a move to data/evos_moves.asm without having to touch anything.

Here's how to do it.

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