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From: Sinnoh
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Skeetendo-a remembering experience

Hello,i want to write something after a long u all know am lipun..and in skeetendo u all know my past..i am not that bad in real believe me..i came here 3 years before and have gained some memorable experiences along with critics,people making fun of me,getting angry after me for my lack of skills,understandings and grammatical mistakes..Now i have learned from my mistakes and upto some extends i have corrected my mistakes..Previously whenever i post all declare me as a spammer..because my posts were meaningless for them..some of them were stag,Red,Mateo,Danny and muchmore whom i forgot to mention..But to tell the truth am happy with that because i have changed for them..THANK U..
coming to iimarkus sorry if my spelling is wrong..He is the best guy i have mate in the virtual world..i will always remember what he has done for me..THANK U
well MR..moderator Danny-e-33 i am thankfull to u too for helping me out whenever i needed u..just keep it up..THANK YOU
Idea killer,stag what to say?u have actually never said a single word to make me happy..but you know what like a father that seems hard from outside and very soft from inside,your words encouraged me a lot to find the way of change..THANK YOU
Coming to Mateo sir..3 years ago he told me Burger king..but after that he emailed me his consolations..but he is actually good because he give me replies whenever i post..THANK U SIR
MIKSY91 you havent replied to my posts from a year or problem i will always remain your fan..
Munchlax-you are the guy who have much intrest in my posts..because my posts were meaningless thank u for that
NOW coming to those who treated me as a nice mate,Pokemon master where are you mate?i love you my bro.,Kumar i hope u get success in boards...Virus95x thank u bro for making a lots of .jar for me..and i miss u..
Thats all for now..i dnt know how much time in the future i will remain here but i will miss you all..

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