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Pokemon Kernel Official Hack Collection!

This is supposed to be the official Hack Collection.
It will have rom hacks that can be used for Pokemon Kernel.

-What is Pokemon Kernel?
Pokemon Kernel is a Hack-Based Kernel, which explains why this topic is needed for it.
It is developed to make hacks more easier, as it is made in the easiest language(?)in the world(I'm not sure), BATCH.
You can make Kernel Hacks by seeing the Video on How to create Rom Hacks for Pokemon Kernel. The vid's on Pokemon Kernel Official Topic.

-What hack is in here?
Nothing for now.

-NOTE- Read this before posting here!
I need you guys help here.
I can't find any people that will do this, so I came here.
If you find/make a Hack, Post it down here.
Of course, It can be a Kernel Hack, not a Rom Hack.

Development starts today... again. [YAY] this program has no viruses as well, as no ads. (OF COURSE)and will be continued on as I want to.
Pokemon Kernel Project : Pokemon Kernel! 1.0.Beta2 Tutorial on How to make hacks!


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