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G0ld Z!
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[Gold] The correct way to insert sprites in AGIXP

Hello guys!
Sometimes I see people with few problems inserting sprites and tiles, the problems are overerite data and glitched sprites, e.g. inserting this sprite

But the wrong insertion cause a problem like this:dd_zps34a93425.png?t=1377222387

As you can see, the sprite are glitched and have a incorrect size, but don't worry, GOLD CAN HELP YOU!

¿Why happen this? Agixp are a useful tool, but have a few bugs, one lf this is te free space finding, when you insert more than 40 or 50 sprites Agixp free space finder not works properly, and can destroy some sprites.

For this, I need insert the sprites manually, but we need the tools:

Tools to use
* Agixp 4.11
* MsPaint
* Free Space Finder by Hackmew(FSF)(download Here)

First step
First open Agixp and select the sprite of we like insert, and click "next", in the palette selection screen we need array correctly the palletes, selecting first the lightness color, and the darkness color second, and hit "next", we can see the preview of our sprite, and hit again "next"

Second Step
After hit "Next", we can see a selection rectangle and says up "type an offset", we can see in these rectangle a few decimal numbers, are the automatic free space finder, We not need these data, proceed to delete the numbers , and type a real Hex free spsce offset (see the step "Easy Free Space Finding Step") typing before the offset "&H" When we type &H we are indicating to Agixp a Hex adress, instead a decimal offset, if you want insert a trainer check the section "Pokemon/Trainer inserction", if you want insert a pokemon and you like rename the Pokemon check the section "Change Name" but if you like insert a tileset or a Hero backsprite uncheck all sections.

Third Step
If you insert a tileset, the process are finished, bui if is a sprite continue. Now make the last step to insert a sprite, selecting the number of the pokemon to replace, or the trainer number, remember check ever "Delete original data" to insert a sprite and get new free space, hit next and we are finish, if you insert correctly, you can see your sprite inserted correctly:

Bonus: Easy Free Space Finding
Sometimes we find the free space manually using a hex editor, but sometimes we not find a accurate adress to insert and ending overerwriting data, to find free space accurate we must use Free Space Finder by Hackmew, first open FSF, and open our rom (to open a .gbc file remember apply the filter "all files" or tipyng the Rom name) and you can see this:
To find free space fill the spaces with this data:
Free-Space Byte: 00 (In GBC the Free space byte are 00, in GBA is FF)
Needed Bytes if is a sprite need 200 bytes, if is a tileset we need up to 500 bytes
Interval to search: 4000 or any number
Search From offset: 1BC000 (I recommend this because the free space starts here)

Finally hit the botton "search" and the program give an offset with the needed bytes, now hit the botton "copy" in the step two of agixp , remember put before "&H" to indicate a hex

And this all, using my method you never overerwrite data, remember take a control of the repointed things and write in notepad in where places are putted every thing.

Advise: The backsprite insert method are a little diferent, I use the backsprite only for educative use


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Re: [Gold] The correct way to insert sprites in AGIXP

Wow man that helps a lot thanks for posting this I was having same problem with glitch sprites too. You can see it,
Now I can add some real stuff.

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