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Attack List

Well I wrote a few down than it became apparent to me that gameshark codes hold the same value in hex. So here's a list of attacks, should make life easier for those making Trainer data.

47     Absorb
33     Acid
97     Acid Armor
B1     Aeroblast
85     Amnesia
F6     Ancientpower
D5     Attract
3E     Aurora Beam
8C     Barrage
70     Barrier
E2     Baton Pass
FB     Beat Up
BB     Belly Drum
75     Bide
14     Bind
2C     Bite
3B     Blizzard
22     Body Slam
7D     Bone Club
C6     Bone Rush
9B     Bonemerang
91     Bubble
3D     Bubblebeam
CC     Charm
80     Clamp
D2     Comet Chop
04     Comet Punch
6D     Confuse Ray
5D     Constrict
A0     Conversion
B0     Conversion 2
B2     Cotton Spore
44     Counter
98     Crabhammer
EE     Cross Chop
F2     Crunch
AE     Curse
0F     Cut
B6     Defend
6F     Defense Curl
C2     Destiny Bond
C5     Detect
5B     Dig
32     Disable
92     Dizzy Punch
26     Double Edge
18     Double Kick
03     Double Slap
68     Double Team
52     Dragon Rage
E1     DragonBreath
8A     Dream Eater
41     Drill Peck
DF     Dynamic Punch
59     Earthquake
79     Egg Bomb
34     Ember
E3     Encore
CB     Endure
99     Explosion
F5     Extreme Speed
B9     Faint Attack
CE     False Swipe
7E     Fire Blast
07     Fire Punch
53     Fire Spin
5A     Fissure
AF     Flail
AC     Flame Wheel
35     Flamethrower
94     Flash
13     Fly
74     Focus Energy
C1     Foresight
DA     Frustration
1F     Fury Attack
9A     Fury Swipes
F8     Future Sight
CA     Giga Drain
89     Glare
2D     Growl
4A     Growth
0C     Guillotine
10     Gust
6A     Harden
72     Haze
1D     Headbutt
D7     Heal Bell
88     Hi Jump Kick
ED     Hidden Power
1E     Horn Attack
20     Horn Drill
38     Hydro Pump
3F     Hyper Beam
9E     Hyper Fang
5F     Hypnosis
3A     Ice Beam
08     Ice Punch
C4     Icy Wind
E7     Iron Tail
1A     Jump Kick
02     Karate Chop
86     Kinesis
8D     Leech Life
49     Leech Seed
2B     Leer
7A     Lick
71     Light Screen
C7     Lock On
8E     Lovely Kiss
43     Low Kick
B7     Mach Punch
DE     Magnitude
D4     Mean Look
60     Meditate
48     Mega Drain
E0     Mega Horn
19     Mega Kick
05     Mega Punch
E8     Metal Claw
76     Metronome
D0     Milk Drink
66     Mimic
AA     Mind Reader
6B     Minimize
F3     Mirror Coat
77     Mirror Move
36     Mist
EC     Moonlight
EA     Morning Sun
BD     Mud Slap
65     Night Shade
AB     Nightmare
BE     Octazooka
C8     Outrage
DC     Pain Split
06     Payday
40     Peck
C3     Perish Song
50     Petal Dance
2A     Pin Missile
8B     Poison Gas
4D     Poison Powder
28     Poison Sting
01     Pound
B5     Powder Snow
D9     Present
3C     Psybeam
F4     Psych Up
5E     Psychic
95     Psywave
E4     Pursuit
62     Quick Attack
63     Rage
F0     Rain Dance
E5     Rapid Spin
4B     Razor Leaf
0D     Razor Wind
69     Recover
73     Reflect
9C     Rest
D8     Return
B3     Reversal
2E     Roar
9D     Rock Slide
F9     Rock Smash
58     Rock Throw
1B     Rolling Kick
CD     Rollout
DD     Sacred Fire
DB     Safeguard
1C     Sand Attack
C9     Sandstorm
B8     Scary Face
0A     Scratch
67     Screech
45     Seismic Toss
78     Selfdestruct
F7     Shadow Ball
9F     Sharpen
2F     Sing
A6     Sketch
82     Skull Bash
8F     Sky Attack
15     Slam
A3     Slash
4F     Sleep Powder
D6     Sleep Talk
7C     Sludge
BC     Sludge Bomb
7B     Smog
6C     Smokescreen
AD     Snore
87     Softboiled
4C     Solar Beam
31     Sonicboom
D1     Spark
A9     Spider Web
83     Spike Cannon
BF     Spikes
B4     Spite
96     Splash
93     Spore
D3     Steel Wing
17     Stomp
46     Strength
51     String Shot
A5     Struggle
4E     Stun Spore
42     Submission
A4     Substitute
F1     Sunny Day
A2     Super Fang
30     Supersonic
39     Surf
CF     Swagger
BA     Sweet Kiss
E6     Sweet Scent
81     Swift
0E     Swords Dance
EB     Synthesis
21     Tackle
27     Tail Whip
24     Take Down
64     Teleport
A8     Thief
25     Thrash
57     Thunder
09     Thunder Punch
55     Thunderbolt
54     Thundershock
56     Thunderwave
5C     Toxic
90     Transform
A1     Tri Attack
A7     Triple Kick
29     Twineedle
EF     Twister
0B     Vice Grip
16     Vine Whip
E9     Vital Throw
37     Water Gun
7F     Waterfall
FA     Whirlpool
12     Whirlwind
11     Wing Attack
6E     Withdraw
23     Wrap
C0     Zap Cannon

Pokemon Blue DX is reborn!

It's really not


#2 2012-07-29 13:17:20

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Re: Attack List

One thing's wrong here, Constrict is 84 and the 5D is for missing Confusion.


#3 2014-06-19 02:44:07

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Re: Attack List

B6 is Protect. Protect was missing.

Tested that myself.

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