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Pokemon 1st gen Hack Preference (your opinion).

Hey...I wanted your opinion on something.If someone is going to make a Red or Blue hack what features would you like more:

1.Full pokedex and More difficulty.

2.Changed layout of Cities,towns and routes,full pokedex and more difficulty.

3.All above features and almost all text edited plus giving RED chance to speak occasionally and giving regular trainer less but more stronger pokemon example-A rocket grunt with many weak rattatas changed to have only one strong raticate.

( I know above options are just good-better-best but some people value Nostalgia and gameplay more than fully changed design).

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Re: Pokemon 1st gen Hack Preference (your opinion).

For my opinion,a yellow hack is better.
There aren't many hacks of Pokemon Yellow.

CH666 wrote:

1.Full pokdex and More Difficulty

There is already one,but i'm not saying Don't make a hack like that. It's your choice.

Also redesign the towns a bit like in your crystal hack.

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Re: Pokemon 1st gen Hack Preference (your opinion).

Ok I thought I would make three hacks of pokemon games I played most when my gbc was still working so thats why I chose Blue version.I know Yellow got more colours and a cute(maybe) little mouse following you but it ain't my thing cause inclusion of Jessie and James and Change of RED's sprite(hair) to make it look like Ash ain't cool cause I ain't a fan of Ash or his Pikachu(he want to be a pokemon master yet releases all his better pokemon like Pidgeot).

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