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Could Critical Hits have been intended to happen less times in RBY?

Okay this is just a theory but I'd like to share it. The other day I looked at the dissasembly of Pokemon red to read about how critical hits and the focus energy glitch exactly worked. I saw that if focus energy has been used, there is a jump to a function that does a right shift (divide by 2), while if focus energy hasn't been used the jump doesn't happen and the game does a left shift instead (multiply by 2) and skips the right shift.

According to the comments there, the bug is that focus enegy's shift was supposed to be a shift to the left instead of to the right. However, would've that made sense? I mean, in that case it would always be a left shift (multiply by 2) regardless of whether focus energy has been used or not. My theory is that maybe they also made a mistake on the non-focus energy shift and that they maybe wanted it to be a shift to the right instead or to the left so that if focus energy was used it was a x2 and else a /2. IMO it seems much more likely that they swapped the two shifts by accident than that the forgot to add another shift somewhere or something of the sort. Plus, they reduced the critical hit ratio in the next generation for the most part (Pokemon went to crit from an average ~15% to 6.25%).

So what do you guys think?


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Re: Could Critical Hits have been intended to happen less times in RBY?

I have a couple of related questions, though they don't exactly provide an answer for your theory.

1) From what you found, it seems that Kamek's explanation of Focus Energy is on the right lines, but with it halving the critical hit ratio instead of quartering it. Does Focus Energy half or quarter the chance? OK, never mind that. I understand it now. 2.0x/0.5x=4.0, so it is essentially a quarter.

2) Does your speed or the use of 'high-critical hit rate moves' including Karate Chop, Razor Leaf, Crabhammer and Slash affect how Focus Energy works? In other words, does the glitch always quarter your chance of getting a critical hit?

Thanks in advance, Crystal_. I posted a thread similar to this on the Glitch City Laboratories forums and then saw your explanation.

(Sorry for the bump, but I thought it would be worth it replying to this thread instead of creating a new one, as your explanation is useful.)

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