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Pokemon RSE Hacking - Expanding Pokedex without ASM.

I know that is not GSC hacking thread. But for all you who making Hacks in RSE or FRLG rombases i think it was helpfully which I present to you. I found and way which is revolution in hacking of Third Generation Games. My method of Expanding Pokedex for pokemon Between CELEBI <251> and Treecko <277> (Better said 25 placeholders Pokemon). Only one repoint needed is FOOTPRINT DATA. <Without that footprints in pokedex become glitched but not crush the game>

- Hex Editor <For repoint Cry Table>
- GBAPGE <Exacly one editor. Dex entry Editor>
- FSF <For find free bytes>
- Patience and good ideas for your extra Pokemon XD

~~~~~GAME CODES~~~~
Pokemon Ruby US - AXVE
Pokemon Sapphire US - AXPE
Pokemon Emerald US - BPEE

Why I give that codes? It was important to use my Method by searching in rom.ini file to right game which you want edit. If rom.ini do not have Dex Entries number information. Copy from other game info about them. And that slove problem.

My Method also work for US roms of Fire Red and Leaf Green. But after Catched extra added Pokemon it do not show Pokedex Screen.
~~~~WHAT TO DO~~~~
1. When we unpack GBAPGE we need to open INI and rom.ini file. We found right game code to that we editing. I using in my method Pokemon Ruby US rom <AXVE> When we found section DEX ENTRIES NUMBER we seen 387 <387 becouse entry of MissingNo.> We change that number to 412. Save that file.

2. Open Hex editor and found Footprints data <It begin at driectly after Dex entry data. And bytes which have is 387*4>. Repoint them to free space <Or if you do not really needed Footprints in your game you can skip that point.

3. Open POKEDEX ENTRIES EDITOR and track down to entry of Chimecho. You've seen that First was an blank entry with F8000000 adress and under them was 24 entrtries with glitch text. I explain how to do to have new entry. We take blank one entry. But that step we must repeat with all extra entries. First off we found two free adresses which intervall is 8000 bytes <For safe. Minimal interval is 4000> When we put that pointers on place near text box we click save <NEAR ENTRY DATA> And write new entry text. Rest which you must do is changing the WT & HT also with sizes and Species name. And done. New entry was added.

4. Test your game with catching added Pokemon. And be happy that show him dex entry and do not crush the game.

1. When you expanding more than 30 places. It can also destroy Attack Name table data. So you need in that task repoint dex table.
2. When you tried to edit Pokemon Number in rom.ini file in POKEMON EDITOR after Chimecho your editor freeze or causing your game corrupted destroying form changing system on Unowns.

I hope that my method help you a lot with hacking. Now we can have 411 pokemon in Ruby Hacks. - Pokemon Ruby GEN V GRAPHIC hack Thread - Unused Music Midi Thread - Some info about region Thonsu


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