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Voltorb Flip RNG

I know this is a gen 4 sort of thing, but I want to try and get the most accurate data for recreating the game for crystal.
Here is what I found so far...

I think I understand how the 2's and 3's are generated (how many of them)
It appears that the "base" = (level x 2)+7
Voltorb appear to be: voltorb=level + 5 (max 10?)
The one thing that doesn't follow that rule, was level 4, which curiously had 8 one time, and 10, 2 other times.
The data at the bottom with a question mark is estimated data, the rest without question marks is stuff that actually happens (I'm not sure if level 9 exists)

If you can make any correlation to the numbers here, please post, or if you play it, and can provide more data, let me know

EDIT: to clear up confusion, the top part, "combo sum" is how I calculated the base
After making it to level 6 and 7, both had 10 voltorb, so i believe they cap at 10 per game

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