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Challenges: Pokemon Indigo Edition Hall of Fame

Pokemon Intense Indigo Edition/Pokemon Indigo Lite Edition Hall of Fame challenge.

This is a detailed listing of those who managed to beat Pokemon Intense Indigo Edition or Pokemon Indigo Lite Edition with some specifications, which can vary in great detail. Its kinda like a high score on what is very likely the hardest Gen 1 Pokemon Hack. For the sake of avoiding an endless list of potential challenge ideas, it will be complete challenges that will be mentioned. Updates will be random. This will only apply to Pokemon Intense Indigo Edition or Pokemon Indigo Lite Edition that isn't based on an obsolete version of it.

The reason why its not on a youtube description is because of that annoying character limit, which is extremely sketchy.

Feel free to discuss any experiences you had with Pokemon Intense Indigo Edition or Pokemon Indigo Lite Edition. And for those attempting, I wish you all the best of luck.

Some example listings include:
-Nuzlocke (Possibly one of the most popular and most stressful challenges)
-Legitimate Speedrun (No skipping gym badges)
-Solo-Run (This one might be the only unreasonable run though)
-Set Mode
-No Item Run (Personally, probably the most frustratingly difficult one)
-First come first served blind run(This applies to Pokemon Intense Indigo Only, since I actually already have videos of Indigo Lite)
-First come first served normal run
-Catching Mewtwo
-Capturing 151 Pokemon
-No cheating run: Such as no gameshark or missingno glitch
-Any unique spin or additional regulations you can add.

Pokemon Intense Indigo Edition Hall of Fame:

-GlennD94 - for being the very first one to successfully beat Pokemon Intense Indigo Edition, as well as being the first one to successfully complete any one of the two Indigo Hacks. Congratulations.

-GlennD94 - for being the very first one to successfully beat Pokemon Intense Indigo Edition. Congratulations.

Pokemon Indigo Lite Edition Hall of Fame:

-No one yet
--Be the first one
--Link pending

Honorable Mentions:
-- For attempting a nuzlocke of Pokemon Intense Indigo Edition before anyone else, with video proof. Made it to 9 episodes though repels could've been bought in Pagado town if he had bothered to look at the mart's selection. Also, lv 100's appear at Jeff's house though he should fish for pokemon as the lv 100 worms are worthless.

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