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Atecain Corp. Beta Stuff - FREE TO USE AND DEMAKE THEM!

Hello there... I want share with you an some beta stuff from my THONSU REGION WORKING. I give you free to use in your games. I hope you like it.

From Begining. First name of Thonsu was KONAX. And KONAX with other ideas like JOHATOX, HOASYTR, SIRAMAX, UNEVAM and CHISUME would been in new continent named Xaroma. First of my ideas. Welcome in KONAX
Sorry for bad Quality. But it was first of my ideas... This is early design of now known Thonsu

A lot of diffrence... In first idea Thonsu <Konax> Is far away like Unova region from Sinnoh. In there new pokemon kinds live with other generations. But how Thonsu in my first idea was have an a story? First i show some beta Pokemon which was deleted during make new version.
880a1d0a23127a715da8bd397bc1096f_6453.png?dl=1216500949 - Hahakiramori. Ghost type Pokemon. It was been in first idea an new evolution of Soulantan. But i do not use this idea in my game. I think first to make him as separate pokemon with Mist type.

7644f08790f3b1be1a258f229b44f27b_6110.png?dl=1216015745 - Voltic. Electric type Pokemon. This is one from first idea legendary Trio Pokemon. Yep. In my first Idea do not was been TRUTH WARRIORS which was wolfs. But first idea is make an Cat Trio. Rest of first idea Cat trio sprites unfortenly I lost. But somewhere Meybe I have it XD

c78eff59e69d60a745c1a4d6f87012b7_6106.png?dl=1216015694 - Araos... Crystal-Dragon Pokemon. This pokemon is my first idea of making Rejishan. Yep... This my first idea of look Rejishan. But later i change it. And this project is unused in my game later.

67a9cb8e2415b619d8d7416032c041a8_6107.png?dl=1216015694 - Archaic... An fossil pokemon of first bird. I delete this project after seen that UNOVA release protobird pokemon <ARCHEN-ARCHEOPS> This now is unused project.

0c96e5bdb9474fffa22c48a5440bd7d4_7708.gif?dl=1218525855 - Alieme - An Alien pokemon with type ???. Is undiscovered specie of Pokemon which come from far away planet. This pokemon do not want war with humans. They are friendly one specie. This pokemon project is unused but I think to revive him in my own Generation 3.


Without unused projects i have some spritechanges during development of Thonsu. Main changes is in.
Kuribu Family - In first idea they was totaly green Pokemon with dark green armour and red eyes and claws. Looking very strange when you want compare those ideas.
GHOSTEON - From GENERATION 2 of my fakemon. First idea look like fusion of growlithe with Gastly. Now I made better sprite.
HURICAINE - That legendary Pokemon of Wind as we seen in Yellow more colours first time i design in Silver colours to have. I better think that better colours for him was been yellow than Silver. Look at first colouration of Hurricaine 666815951648dcf3c0644c2f36e1729c_6109.png?dl=1216015745. Now This colorization is pallete of Shiny Huricaine.
SHADE - First project look's totaly diffrent than this which we seen now. adc12d8163205005fed8f8f80c7c5c65_6454.png?dl=1216500949 Type that same. But first Idea Shade can't fly. First Shade name is Horneos.

HORNEOS - Is first name of SHADE which we known now.
ARCENOS - First name of Rejishan based on him first project named Araos.
Kiramori, Hakiramori, Hahakiramori - It was first names for Soulan - Soulantan and unused evolution of them.
Cori, Sandeku - Is beta names of Kodu - Kodeku. Main pokemon used by Sir Allan Newlight...

First idea of Konax league was been sorta diffrent than now. First of. Proffesor Starman. Now she was an girl named Jessica. In first idea Proff.Starman is male and his name is Duncan. Takoabe town first name is Guar City. And in there like in now projects was been own PokeCenter and PokeMart. Guar City is in the water side of Thonsu. And by ledges you must go to the next city. But in the way was been entreace to Wonderous Castle. In there is been place to get later Araos. Also the Gym Leaders is sorta diffrent than in my first ideas. If you want I can explain diffrences later. Also Later i post maps of beta locations here. Some cities I must change all... Like GUAR CITY PARK <Takoabe do not have own park>, MT.CRYDOOM <Where ice from Cat Trio have hive.> And other cities like BROWNROD TOWN, KUSHIMA VALLEY. I later give you maps on GSC format becouse on GSC I start works with my region. I do not in that time known about hacking so much. That in this game is only new maps changed in the place of existing. Thonsu <Konax> In first idea was been smaller. With unchanged JOHTO-KANTO Pokemon's <I do not in that time know how to change pokemon's in the rom> But at first. In first Idea. Sir Allan Newlight <Known in that time as Akerum> was leader of HOWRAN CITY <Howran? Yep. That name I restore for my upcoming GENERATION 4 project> Now HOWRAN CITY is renamed to SOULVILE CITY. Only he was been gymleader. Now Allan is an Thonsu Champion and also he was owner of the Gym. Nice XD But we must know that in GYM and LEAGUE have diffrent Pokemon.

~~~~~~~~~BADASS OF KONAX- Or Badasses?~~~~~~~~~
Ok. For now. What with teams on my first idea. In KONAX i planned to give two teams which rage in this region.
First of... One team is Only Male team. Secound is Only Female team. Female team is TEAM GLACE
They was look like as Gijinka Glaceon. Their mission is freeze in deep Ice whole the world. <It sounds like Ghetsis plan from Pokemon BW2 XD>
Their enemy is Team SHADE where is only males.
Their mission is doom entiery world of Pokemon. They belive that when they doom world of pokemon they went to Spirit World where have all what they want. In there appeared first plots about Warawai. Yep... Warawai is Pokemon designed for Thonsu. But I moved them to Amaranth Isle. Also Team Shade i changed to Dark Clan. Their Mission is also changed.

Give me questions, request of screens of beta Locations in OLD or REMASTERED to Pokemon RSE map of beta Pokemon or for more beta staff... I can share it with you. If you want use them freely. - Pokemon Ruby GEN V GRAPHIC hack Thread - Unused Music Midi Thread - Some info about region Thonsu


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