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#1 2013-09-01 19:59:06

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[Gen 2] Move Editting

Alright, so I've been editing moves, and I'm getting this.
Moves are showing up as random types. I thought that this was linked to the move animation, but all these moves are using their correct animations.
As you can see, still super effective.
In the Moves menu, it shows up as the correct type.

The only other post I found with stuff about this was in this topic which said it was potentially a bug, but I've had this happen to me on several occasions.

After looking at other moves in my hack, Mega Punch is taking up the slot usually held by Karate Chop, but in battle it's showing up as an Electric move, so it doesn't seem to be linked to anything. The damage done is the type you have it set as in the ROM, but it would appear that this stuff is just completely random. (Next move in my hack is Fire Punch which is showing up as Normal in battle, then Ice Punch and Thunder Punch which are showing up as Flying) The moves that I have not yet edited are showing up as their correct type in battle, for what they are.

Does anyone know what causes this?


#2 2013-09-01 20:13:04

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Re: [Gen 2] Move Editting

I have no idea. Maybe the types of the moves shown in a battle use an other register than the types of the moves in your POKéMON space.

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Re: [Gen 2] Move Editting

TheMoneyOfTheWorld wrote:

Maybe the types of the moves shown in a battle use an other register than the types of the moves in your POKéMON space.


since move ids are mapped to animations 1:1 the game assumes they mean the same thing. instead of being consistent it interchanges between them as it sees fit, like using the move id to get its info then using the animation id to print the type

in crystal:

    callab UpdateMoveData
    ld a, [PlayerMoveAnimation]
    ld b, a
    ld hl, $c56a ; TileMap(2, 10)
    call Predef

this is pretty suspect considering the move type is loaded by UpdateMoveData too

anyway just use CurPlayerMove (what UpdateMoveData uses) instead of PlayerMoveAnimation

crystal again:

PlayerMoveAnimation: ; c60f
CurPlayerMove: ; c6e3


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