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What are you think about This Idea?

I found some staff in Internet and have great idea to make Final Fantasy style game with Pokemon in it....

World of Howran was live peacefull without any problem... Our problems began when Raged Arceus with other legendary Pokemon appeared in that world and causing havoc. Hero from Hyouran Town named Alric is chosen by elders of Howran to travel across this part of world and found all Legendary Pokemon which is summoned to destroy Howran... Every legendary Pokemon have important information about Arceus and why he want attack world. Every legendary Pokemon left you one item which you can wear like Sword with their powers or shield... This I found in net. Proposition of swords.


Those items is some from new items from Legendary Pokemon which I planed to add... But plot was reged... After beating Arceus we know that was another enemy than him. Enemy named DARK LUGIA which cursed Arceus to attack Howran. Last place is Dark World. When we can meet corrupted Legendary Pokemon <Not all> As deffender of Dark Lugia.

All Guardians of Legendary Pokemon is GIJINKA version of guarded legendary. Only Dark Lugia do not have human guardian. In the wild we can met pokemon and monsters of Howran land.

I make this game on RPG make 2k3 <Or meybe later on RPG maker XP> Also I want include Xerneas and Yveltal... But Xerneas I spoiler become your friend. And join to you! Also I spoiler that Join to you Ho-oh.

About HM-BASED Moves....

I give only Four. SURF,DIVING,FLY and STRENGHT

STRENGHT - You can move rocks after XERNEAS join to your team.
FLY - Able After HO-OH joining.
SURF and Dive - Able after Kyogre Joining.

Allies... Needed to complet quest.
GIRATINA - Give you him VoidSword to help you also he help you short time to beat Palkia invading him Distortion World.
RAYQUAZA - He help you beat Groudon located in one from 12 islands on sea.
KELDEO - After beating Reshiram and Zekrom. He lead you directly to KYUREM which in Battle can freely change forme. - Pokemon Ruby GEN V GRAPHIC hack Thread - Unused Music Midi Thread - Some info about region Thonsu


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Re: What are you think about This Idea?

To tell you the truth, the storyline is cliche in many ways. Why should Dark Lugia try to destroy the world?
So to be honest, try to think of something else. When you plan something, think whether the story you have come up with is worthy of doing. If it's not, you simply scrap the idea.
I have personally made many different storyline ideas with lots of planning in them, but have left most of them undone. That's just because I haven't had time to carry them out, or due to the fact that I'm not satisfied with them although they might even be good.

A good storyline has diversity.

Example of a bad and good storyline;

Bad (Secret of the Stars)
You are Ray, around a 12-year-old kid whose father was a great "Aqutallion" warrior who defeated evil monster "Homncruse" 10 years ago. Now Homncruse has somehow recovered and is more powerful than ever. Now Ray has to start a journey of his own and follow his father's footsteps to become an "Aqutallion" himself. Once Ray has picked up four random people, who have the same dream of becoming Aqutallions as well, to journey alongside him, they will all become Aqutallions one day and destroy Homncruse in an "epic" final battle. The end.

Good (Final Fantasy IV)
You're Cecil, a dark-knight and captain of the Red Wings of Baron. You disobey the king of Baron who has been acting in strange ways. Thus, the king decides that you must leave the Red Wings, and take Kain to deliver a certain package to village of Mist. More stuff goes on and on and later on, you'll think Golbez is your true enemy only to find out he's actually an ally in the end. Finally, you'll have to fight (wizard?) Zemus for some reason I can't remember anymore - although it did really make sense.


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