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What???....???! I found an other Skeetendo!!!!!

I.I am shocked. While searching on the web i found another Skeetendo,but i don't know now wich is the real one. The thing that keeps me confusing is that there were some members that are here like Mateo,Redstar.Cartmic etc.

Here is the link to the site: Please,IIMarckus,Mateo or someone can you say me wich is the real "Skeetendo''?

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Re: What???....???! I found an other Skeetendo!!!!!

Skeetendo is found in 2009 by Mateo, Miksy91, Cartmic and some other people. It was settled at Proboards. They moved to this forum on August 2010, which is hosted by their friend IIMarckus. The moved some data directly over to this forum, which causes that the registration data of Mateo and IIMarckus is somewhere in 2009. So, you can't actually say that one of them is real, but you can rather say there is a OLD and a NEW forum. The old Proboards forum is the abandoned one, and THIS forum--hosted by IIMarckus-- is the new active forum.

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