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[Scrapped Hack] Pokemon Nuzlocke Gold: Harcore Version

Here I'll talk about a small hack of Pokemon Gold I began creating in early 2013 but I scrapped a few days after.

This hack is used only for a particular Nuzlocke challenge - one of the hardest ever.
Here are the rules:

1.Each pokemon that gets knocked out is considered dead and must be released in a PC EXEPT the starters that have 2 extra lives (the third time they die it's the definitive) and the legendary pokemon that have 1 extra live (the second time they die it's the definitive).
If one of these special cases faints, it could be revived ONLY with a Revive\Revive Max;

2.You could catch only the first pokemon you meet in an area EXEPT the legendaries that could be caught also if they're not the first pokemon you meet in that area (so you could catch Raikou, Entei or Suicune if you're able to do it);

Now here comes the over-the-top difficult rules:

3.Pokemon couldn't held any type of item, even Exp.share or berries;

If you want heal them you could do it only with items like potions, stat change healing items or ether(s) that are sold in the marts.
If a revive is avaiable (extra live) you could use the revive ONLY FOR THOSE SPECIAL CASES.
In a few words, try to gain as much cash as you can and try to get hurt as less you can;

5.You couldn't wake up your pokemon from sleeping status, they must do it by themselves during a fight;

6.You could held a max amount of 5 pokemon in your team, and they mustn't be all 5 legendaries, you could have a max amount of 2 legendaries in your team;

7.You couldn't held 2 pokemon of the same species in your party;

8.NO CHEATS ALLOWED. No trading allowed or linked fight against another player. You're all alone;

9.You have a limited amount of time to beat the E4 League: 30 Hours.
After 30 hours of playing if you didn't beat the League Champion Lance your game is over.
The game must be played NON-STOP;

10.If all your pokemon faint in a fight or after a fight due to poisoning the game is over UNLESS you had in your team a(or more than one) pokemon that have extra lives (the special cases).
If you finish also the extra lives and all your pokemon faint, the game is over.

the story was:

Hiro has a poison in his body and only the League Champion has his antidote and will give it to Hiro only if Hiro beats him, the bad news are that Hiro is at the beginning of his career as a professional trainer and has yet to choose his first Pokemon.
The poison kills after 30 Hours, so Hiro must hurry, but the League to make his life impossible made unavaiable heal his Pokemon at the Pokecenters that now are useful only for Pc operation such as deposit or kill definitively dead pokemon.

For Hiro, this is the worst day of his life...

I scrapped this hack and challenge because it was too hard.

I left this forum.


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Re: [Scrapped Hack] Pokemon Nuzlocke Gold: Harcore Version

Wow! Well there is some challange in trying to play trough this game style!

I Support
Pokemon Grape/
Pokemon Gem/Pokemon Dark Energy

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Re: [Scrapped Hack] Pokemon Nuzlocke Gold: Harcore Version

Sorry that I have to say this, but this hack sounds terrible! I am glad you have choosen for Pokémon Grape.

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Re: [Scrapped Hack] Pokemon Nuzlocke Gold: Harcore Version

This hack was meant for Pokemon pro-players that want more difficult challenges, that's why is a Nuzlocke Challenge hack.

I left this forum.


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Re: [Scrapped Hack] Pokemon Nuzlocke Gold: Harcore Version

WTF! How poor the player will be dude! The world was glad you didn't released this one, even pro's will have a hard time finishing it. You've made the right decision bro!

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