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Re: Has your hack been stolen ?

Tauwasser wrote:

Dude, this is the internet!

Hm, agreed!


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Re: Has your hack been stolen ?

My hacks have never been stolen - because I don't make them I just test the ones that interest me.

You know the glitches that exist in the Pokémon games?
Only the ones named "MISSINGNO." are Missingno.
The others are not. They are their own glitches with their own names.
Sorry, it's a... thing that bugs me a little.


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Re: Has your hack been stolen ?

I hate stealing hacks and other things. I will never do a modification at your hack without your premission. Miksy,please can i upload Dark Energy 4.0 to Mobile9 for MeBoy version ?


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Re: Has your hack been stolen ?

I would add in my hack a disclaimer that says "This hack was created by 80C" in the Start Game menu (the menu after you press "START" at the Title screen) under the 3 choises "new game", "continue" and "options".

I know Tombstoner made it for his Red hack and Mateo made this for Secrets&Rumours OG but he wrote "Secrets&Rumours", so these things are possible both in Red or in Gold.

Now I won't ask how to do this because this is General Discussion Section and not Help Section, but I wanna ask you if the player hasn't any problem when he see each time that he plays a game "Created By [the hacker]", I mean, I heard that many players of modded\hacked games doesn't like too much see the Creator inside his game (unless it's a special case in which the hacker is a character), I would know your opinion about this.

I left this forum.


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