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[Gen 2] Regarding outside of battle moves

I found this post for Red and Blue and tried looking for similar values to see if it was possible to find this in Gold/Silver/Crystal.

I couldn't find anything. If you're replacing moves, this can be a problem due to the fact that if you were to, say, replace Milk Drink with another move name and change what it does in battle, you'd still be able to select it outside of battle and have the HP transfer effect still happen.

Any ideas?

On an unrelated note, I always feel bad for asking these kinds of questions. It seems to me that the more questions you post, the more you may as well just be asking someone else to do your hack for you.


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Re: [Gen 2] Regarding outside of battle moves

I am not that good sort of hacker with helping you with questions like this difficult, but I heard different people complaining about getting offended when they asked questions which are simple for the very good hackers. I always think that it is good to ask something of you don't find it.

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