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#1 2013-07-27 23:31:14

The Zororoaster
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Can we post hacks created by other people?

In my searches across the internet I have come across many interesting ROM hacks of the first two generations. However many of them are very obscure, with either their download links being posted on a Youtube video or on now-defunct forums. Would it be okay to post these patches on here for download? I'd like to think that Skeetendo is the center of all things related to Gen I and Gen II hacking and I'd like these hacks to gain more exposure :)

Also several years ago IIMarkus created a post saying that linking directly to ROMs is okay. Is that still the case? Seems like risky business, but it would definitely save me some hassle, as i was only able to find several of these hacks pre-patched.

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Re: Can we post hacks created by other people?

Yeah it might be cool, if you had the permission of the hack's original authors.


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