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Gogoat riding in Every Pokemon Game?

After I develop how make Gogoat riding on GBA games. I think it can be possible to do in every Pokemon Game. I told it to you. Becouse you are GBC hackers. It can be good to make Gogoat Rider in GSC. How? I try explain you it how I made it in GBA. Is there meybe an similar editors to make it real in GSC.
I think how to great was ride Gogoat in GBA games. All ask. It was possible? My answer is YES! It was fully possible. What we need to do is some graphic and script Working. Ok. What we need.
Step 1
- We need to open Item Editor and found Acro Bike <It was ideal for Gogoat Sample item>. We copy Item Outbattle effect and copy them to empty place founded by FSF. Also in Item Editor we must change one ?????? To new Item <In my hack - Gogoat Flute> and give separatly Discription.
Step 2
- We changing animation of direction in new script from Acro Bike to one which we used <I used dolls in my hack becouse I block building Secret Bases> For example Torchic. We open NSE 1.7 and found Torchic Doll and change in script number of graphic to Torchic Graphic.
Step 3.
- We need to Repoint Torchic Graphic. First we repoint to new routine <Or another graphic was broke> Next we change size to 32x32 and change number of Frames to 27 <Or if you do this on Mach Bike use 9 frames> Remember to check STANDARD TYPE ANIMATION. Later if you did it. Save. And repoint again <Allways repoint with unchecked COPY FRAMES> After you repoint Again you can inster new Sprites.
Step 4.
Ok. When we have Gogoat with trainer on their back OW we need to know that no one from existing Pokemon Ruby palletes is not avaible to handle it. We need to add new pallete. How? Simple. Change pallete routine in graphic from 05 to A1. It was one from free space of palletes. Now when you import first sprite check ALL. And done. New Pallete instered.
Step 5.
How make your gogoat to work? You must somewhere put new item to get it. And? Just look at it! …
I riding Gogoat. As I said. I can share with you my BRENDAN and MAY Sprites on Gogoats. On rest trainers you must D.I.Y.
For FR/LG Hackers. You can do it with normaly Bike animation. Why i was preffer Acro Bike for them? Becouse Gogoat is strong Pokemon and it was an goat. It was good for Jumping throught ledges and other things.
What are yout think about It? It can be possible in your opinion to make it in GSC games? - Pokemon Ruby GEN V GRAPHIC hack Thread - Unused Music Midi Thread - Some info about region Thonsu


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