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Pokemon Crystal Battle Tower

I noticed there are no threads explaining how Pkmn Crystal Battle Tower works from a hacking perspective (maybe my research wasn't exhaustive but I did take a good look around...). So I was wondering if someone knew an answer to the following questions:

1) Where are the offsets for the Pokemon sets for the various levels? Are there some special scripts I should be aware of?
2) Is it possible to wipe some of the lower tiers (like lvl 10, 20, 30, etc) to extend the array of available mons for the trainers at lvl 100? I know I could also repoint, but I figure it may be easier to just do it this way...
3) Assuming the answer to (2) is yes, what is the offset of the dialogue which lets you choose the difficulty? (In order to take out the lower lvl options)

Thank you in advance


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