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#1 2011-03-19 19:41:23

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How to hack an internet game ?

I'm trying to hack a certain game trying make myself one of the superior users in there :D
I know this if something is illegal so it wouldn't be sustaining but hacking a net game is a new challenge to overcome so I'd like to learn how to.

I'm using Cheat Engine and Google Chrome.
I suppose I should find the data of my account in a certain part of chrome -exe file.
The problem is that, all I'm locating is interval information about my stats but not the "real thing" itself.

Has anyone else tried to do something like this before ?
If yes (and successed), any tips what I could try to do ?

I actually believe this may be close to impossible because some of the ram memory is secured but I haven't really found where the in-game data is so I'm not sure.

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#2 2011-03-19 20:35:16

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Re: How to hack an internet game ?

Also sometimes with internet games they store that information serverside so that you can't just jack your stats up on your end, I believe is what I've seen. I think people were having a hard time with it the last time I checked, and they were trying to do things like alter stats and give themselves a free Dragon Amulet in  Dragon Fable. There's probably some way it can be done, maybe by figuring out a way to send the server a flase notification that you leveled up or something so it would update its informaiton. I don't really know though, it would probably depend on the game and how it deals with this sort of thing.

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Re: How to hack an internet game ?

I used to hack games using cheat engine and whatnot. Surprisingly, most internet games store only your health serverside, everything else is usually clientside (that's ammo and position). This is obviously to compensate for lag, so once the lag is over your position is updated to the server. Here's a tip for getting flying to work i cheat engine:

1. Find a ramp in the game somewhere or some stairs
3. Stand at the top of the ramp or stairs
2. Set Unknown Value and All (byte to double) and hit search
3. Walk down the ramp
4. Search for decreased value
5. Walk up the ramp
6. Search for increased value
7. Keep repeating this untill you have only a few values then try freezing them to see if it affects your z position

Quite easy really. Cheat Engine also allows you to modify the ASM of the game which is quite handy but can create trouble if you don't know what you're doing (atleast I think it's ASM).


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