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Hack rom of pokemon trading card game ??

Hello guys , i need help for search a hack of pokemon trading card game (1 or 2) . Have you see one ^?
thank for reply :)

I'm french but my english is so swagg :)


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Re: Hack rom of pokemon trading card game ??

The only hacks of them that I have seen is the English translation of TCG2. I don't think it was ever finished, but it was done well as opposed to some of the other ones. The one I saw actually implemented the font routine from the English version of TCG1 instead of just making it be in large odd letters like the player's name uses the way some other translation projects had done.

As for actual gameplay hacks, I've never heard of any, which is a shame.

I am not very active on this forum. I only pop in from time to time.


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Re: Hack rom of pokemon trading card game ??

I posted about this is in Game Boy\Cross Gen section, I know for what regards
TCG1 there are 2 hacks that have a different player, the first one has Ash\Red
and the second one is Mint (the girl from TCG2).

About TCG2 there are 2 different versions of translations from the japanese,
it's a shame Nintendo never released it in English.

Fortunately, someone read my question, and posted a very useful post that explains how some data work in TCG and in TCG2.

Here is it:

I would credit Drenn that gave those information about TCG.

I left this forum.


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