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A way to get Formes to work in Gold?

It's me again hahahoho
Anyway, a friend of mine suggested today that I could add the Kyurem formes to my hack by having each forme able to evolve into the other two via stones. And I thought that's probably the easiest way to handle it!
But, I don't want them to each have their own PokeDex entry. I know I have to give them their own ID number for their branched evolutions to work at all, but I want them to all share the same base Dex entry. I looked for related pointers where Pokemon stats are laid out, but that doesn't seem to be it because I couldn't find anything that pointed anywhere near a Dex entry. But there must be a way somehow, because there are glitch Pokemon that share Dex entries with existing Pokemon in R/B/Y, right? And what about Unown?
Similarly, I want the same deal for Keldeo's Resolute forme, Basculin, Unfezant, and Frillish/Jellicent. I've worked out how to do this up until getting them to point to the same dex entry, so does anyone know how this might be done?


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Re: A way to get Formes to work in Gold?

I don't know what you'd have to do exactly but learning how Unown works could be "step number 1".
Based on that information, you've gotta build your own code for those pokemon you want to insert to your hack. Asm work.


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