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The Epsilon Program

Well, this is an interesting argument that regards an important part of the story of my hack (and its sequels).
In a certain point of the game that I already did (and will be featured in Demo1) you encounter a Group of fanatics following Team Rocket, and you heard something Called "The Epsilon Program".

Now a bit of explanation.

In Grape's story, setted in 1999 - one year after the Facts of Pokemon Red\Blue -, many members of Team Rocket after the failure at Silph Co. run away, because they're chased by policemen, and eventually reach Kanto Border.
Now, much of these stops in Jotho, but the other ones continues their path, crossing many regions (also Rijon!), but they don't fit with those, and after many months they reach Altek\Frejo border.

It was night, those members of Team Rocket were walking all alone in the Mountains, surrounded by the fog, they were cold and were starving, they were about to give up when they got a strange appearence.
They encountered a strange guy\shadow, color sky-blue\turquoise, and he revealed them to be Kifflom, an alien being, one of the Masters of the Universe.
Kifflom revealed them that he and his Brother Kraff (similar to him but Red) created Pokemon to make the people happy and make the world a better place, mankind and pokemonkind were in great harmony, but then Kraff created Pokeballs (that are red like him) and enslaved Pokemon, sending as many as possible on the Earth (exept Giratina and few of them).

Kraff, the imperator of the 4th Paradigm, became the first Trainer, and his sons and daughters are red-haired as him and became excellent Pokemon Trainers, then he setted in Frejo around 1000 D.C.
Kifflom didn't accepted that, and fought him for the liberation of all Pokemon but he lost because Kraff cheated because Kraff even invented HM to make Pokemon learn non-natural techniques.
After the losing Kifflom travelled all around the world, until he stopped at Altek and found the lost members of Team Rocket, that now are his "disciples", Kifflom understood that his weakness was the fact that, unlike Kraff, Kifflom didn't had his own trainers that followed him.

So, after the story of Kifflom, the members of Team Rocket accepted, and became the "disciples", following this pseudo-religion, which formula is the "Epsilon Program" that consists in many rules that are accepted as true by their followers.
These rules are spoken in Pokemon Grape, and you could encounter it.
Here's a list of the rules of the Epsilon Program:

1 - The World is 187 years old - TRUE;
2 - Aliens exists and are between us - TRUE;
3 - Pokemon are poor alien slaves - TRUE;
4 - Fossils' existence is a lie - TRUE;
5 - Red-haired guys are aliens, alien trainers - TRUE;

These are the "official" 5 Rules of the epsilon program, those are spoken by 5 trainers in a route in the North of Cherry City.

Anyway, nobody knows about the Epsilon Rockets HQ, and even few is know of where's located Kifflom,
so, if a person (or trainer) decides to join them, how could he do?
It's not so simply, but Team Rocket created a sentence that may help them to find them.
Here is it:

"Follow the steps left by Kifflom, they begins where everything is begun, acrossing the mountains and lakes, it leads to a corridor that leads to a big fruiting tree, and you'll reach that door, but only selected ones are allowed to cross it. If you're selected, salute with your right hand and say "I salute Father Father Brother Uncle Kifflom".
Strenght on vans is useless. Karts are allowed. No fear for screams is needed. Eye patch is requested.
KIFFLOM is the final truth, KIFFLOM!"

The only hint I could give you is that Rule #1 says exactly when everything is begun.
Find what is begun\created 187 years before and you'll find the path following the instructions of the sentence.

Enjoy the research of the "truth" across Frejo...

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Re: The Epsilon Program

Sounds good


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Re: The Epsilon Program

and there will be lots of references, here's one:


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