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Ancient Pokémon concept game and other ideas of mine

While I'm slowly working on a hack of Gold, I came up with another idea for a hack.

The scenario would be in the remote past on a big island. There would be only ancient pokémon (like fossils and others regarded as ancient, even though there would be anachronisms, but hey, it's Pokémon) who coexisted with primitive humans and could be befriended like in modern era you can capture them.
You would be a pre-historic character who departed from your tribe in shame and went to explore the world on your own to prove yourself. This is the basic concept, who needs to be expanded later on.

Regarding technological and cultural features, I'm thinking in mixing up Stone Age technology with some Bronze Age cultural features.

Now gamelike, I would like to ask for your opinion on somethings.
- Since Pokéballs and apricorns where not around that time, a system is needed where you can befriend ("capture") Pokémon. What do you think would be a good system?
- Likewise, and alternative method for storage system would be needed. I thought about this but hadn't come up with good ideas.
I tought of having some sort of a breeding center in every village, and each breeding center would "store" the Pokémon you'd left there, meaning you could only "withdraw" that Pokémon from that breeding center alone. But, since you can't have more that six Pokémon at a time due to the engine, a work around would have to be done.
If you have a more defined idea, feel free to share.
- Pokédex didn't exist at the time, so another means of recording the data would be needed. Drawings and description could come in form of leaves, sheets or other types of portable things. A concept to be developed.
- HMs could be substituted for tools like the Axe for Cut or the Raft for Surf. And TM's would just be techniques thaught to Pokémon, instead of those disc-devices.

There are more features that would need to be transposed to the era, but I'm not remembering them right now. Feel free to point them

(And I have another ideia for a Gen. II hack that consists in starting your adventure in Pallet Town and explore the Kanto region as the main region of the game, and then Johto as the second region. Since there are already two or three hacks in development with this concept, I'll wait and see if I like them.)

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Re: Ancient Pokémon concept game and other ideas of mine

You should insert also the ancient form of Magikarp that it's said it was stronger than the actual one.
About the technical data...
well, in G\S the guy makes Pokeball for you in Azalea Town said people used products that came from the berries to capture pokemon.
I don't know the mechanism but ball should be (berries??? weird).

About the storage system... well, you can say it's developed by a system of many porygon in connection with the alternative universe of giratina or something like that... porygon that came from a parallel dimension could actually turn pokemon in "bytes" signed on beeswax (composed by cells... HEX cells!) and then the porygon from the alternative dimension "convert" from bytes signed on the beeswax to matter... weird too but seems the only thing serious and connected with Pokemon world ideas.

TMs are techniques drawed on papyrus, you use it 1 time then the papyrus break.
HMs are the same but written on bronze, so they won't break.
No, you should let remain surf, cut etc. since today's ancient population still use animals for things like those.

these are my ideas.

I left this forum.


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