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My handmade Remakes.... To Pokemon Black Style.

I'm sorry about again FURTHER GEN TASK. But I want share with you my works becouse I like this site. This is my Remakes of some themes to Pokemon BLACK style. From Begining....

SINNOH WILD POKEMON BATTLE - I do in that same tonation as Pokemon DPPT have that theme. Hear yourself. … 0g&index=3

GIRATINA BATTLE THEME - I heard a lot of remakes of them... All creapy lame... Listen my Attemp. I do that same like SINNOH WILD BATTLE. I keep this music in that same tonation. … 0g&index=2

HO-OH BATTLE THEME - About them... I heard same creapy remakes of that motive. Pokemon Black is not so crap to not take that theme. Listen my Attemp. … 0g&index=1

LUGIA BATTLE - Well... This one is meybe not going so well... Is this the best attemp to remake that theme <This theme is harder to remade> …

(ORCHESTRATION) Pokemon BW2 Ghetsis (Denis XD) Battle theme - I'm the first who decide to Orchestrate that theme... Listen effect... … g&index=18

I hope you like it. If i make some new tracks. I share it with you. Also I make demakes of music. If ya want. I can make some for your GSC or RBY hacks. - Pokemon Ruby GEN V GRAPHIC hack Thread - Unused Music Midi Thread - Some info about region Thonsu


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