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Data Crystal?

Whats happening down at Data Crystal? One moment I hear it's allowing ROM hacks, then the next it's not, then I went on the home page just and  in the first line it says this, "We here at Data Crystal are all about hacking ROMs."

So whats the situation?


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Re: Data Crystal?

I don't know man. What exactly do you mean by not allowing Rom Hacks? The pages for Prism, Secrets and Rumours, and Sterling Silver are still up. Or is it not letting you add new ones?

I am not very active on this forum. I only pop in from time to time.


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Re: Data Crystal?

Well way back when I was attempting to revamp DC, I contacted the owner about different things I needed an admin's help with. Basically, my contacting him got him taking a more personal role in things and he decided he wanted to completely change the direction of it all.

ROM hack pages are supposed to be deleted, but luckily he just hasn't done it yet. I'd like to have my articles moved somewhere else, but I dunno who'd be interested in them.

So yeah. It's only about hacking information now, not projects.


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Re: Data Crystal?

yes, many of the hack pages got moved, I noted that when I've searched for Ice.
Anyway there is still a page that shows some of the most famous hacks.

I left this forum.


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