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Pokemon Lead

Oh dear.... this won't do will it?

You are an out cast... just looking to the darkness, do I even have a purpose you think?

You go downstairs, a teacher caught you, she said you should go and look around, there wasn't any people letting you pass, it's graduation! HOW COULD YOU FORGET!? You head to cave, you go in and look, it was empty, what was the purpose? There was a pokemon poisoning all the students, Someone went up to that and snatched it, it's your present, that guy said, I want you to go to dorm, there is someone I need you to go.

You pass the forest and see a tower, hmm no big deal, oh dang SOMEONE STOPPED YOU!you look behind, it's that guy looked from the dorm window, who is he? He's acting really nervous,and soon he battles you, he sent out a dark typ, oh no, that's bad... the pokemon you got was a gastly! he gave you a card after the battle, it has his name but it was really MESSY! Where should we go? The next village, it was isolated, and had nothing but route gates, it looks brown, someone told you it leads to sinnoh at the other side, however the route is blocked off (IN THIS BETA) the routes are all blocked, where should I go? this lady let you sleep at her house, you head north where she was standing the day before, at the north, there's this place, the right side it's a cave, you tried going through but it was so dark, it seens you need a flashlight, you go to the house next to the cave, oh hey! you got here for the pokemon, oh dang you forgot...., oh well he gave you his pokemon, you had to go back, but he gave you a surprise, FOR YOUR GRADUATION YO GOT A BATTLE, the teacher who saw you, battled you then the proffessor,

You called the school bank, it's closed, so soon you had to find new cities, and towns.

trying to find a bank you saw something, it's a person  outside a cave, he gives you a flashlight and lets you in, it turns out it was a canyon! (really easy to pass though) soon you found a town, hmm, the gym leader was away, he was being kidnapped by the cult


sal.png  Sal:

She's a really Scary person with a personality that can not be tolerated, everytime you say something she doesn't like she'll hit you somewhrere you don't lik

The pokemon party: Gardevoir, Skitty, Eevee


An eccentric little dork who loves violence, also insult people he doesn't like, he doesn't really care about the rules, as long as his friends are all happy, he's fine :3 He's the main Character's bff

He's the main character, also an outcast, he really likes to help people, however he acts like a bot.

Grass type gym leader who loves critising, also loves joking around with his brothers, Flugon and Aye

Name is also the second lance, he loves insulting people he doesn't like and will unleash his full fury when he battle, he never cheats to win and absolutely hates any selfish.

Also known as Ami for his love for the Sailor moon, he unleashes his power of eeveelution, he was taught from the best of all of people

Gothis Lolita:

her real name is not known yet, however her psychic powers are scary, she's a cult Executetive

He's the cult member you saw, later he will get heartless and kill you


(replacing) screenjra.png

what I can't pass this If I don't add somethin

A new plot
A new story
A new region

(hopefully new muse and graphic)

I’m working on the hex, I had to have a backup just in case my music killed something.

Thanks to Mateofor helping me


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Re: Pokemon Lead

nice, i like the new gastly sprite!


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Re: Pokemon Lead

Arigatougozaimas, but actually I need help inserting that.... I can't do it, sorry but hex editting is makin me age faster >> anyone help


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Re: Pokemon Lead

Crappy updates!

maping is complete but

help me try to fix that I don't know what I did and I'm just a big :kopijopl


The ow's arenow scratched and improved

Aye Sprite and other OW's also inserted, however


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Re: Pokemon Lead

It looks like the image is too small (it is 48x48, isn't it?). Try inserting an image that is 56x56 pixels.


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Re: Pokemon Lead

whenever I tried to insert the image it limits it to that number

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Re: Pokemon Lead

Is this hack still in progress?
Maybe in 3 years it could have been changed a lot I guess.

I left this forum.


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Re: Pokemon Lead

New music, that sounds cool!

Hacks Gameboy 8-bit music in Pokémon Gen I & II, composes 8-bit music in LSDJ and FamiTracker.

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