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Link battles - something I can find NO documentation on

Part of my hack will be based on link functionality, specifically battling as the need for trading to complete a Pokedex is no longer present. This is an area I think that no one has bothered hacking before.

I do not know if it is the same way in later generations, but in Gen II link battles you can not use items (except for held ones). I want to make using items possible. I'm sure it is possible to do so; my guess from my knowledge of the game's architecture is that the game simply runs a check for battle type, and if the type is a link battle, it disables items. I simply want to disable that script so items can be used. I do not know if doing this will also have an effect on disabling the in-game "X is about to use POKEMON! Will PLAYER switch POKEMON?" script, though this is of little consequence.


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