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How 2 change the color of Name Version N Titlescreen? (Restored)

This topic was deleted by me, now it's here again.
originally posted here:

80C wrote:

The title explains everything.
I need to know how to change the color of the Version Name in the titlescreen,
in particular, I wanted change the color from Red to:
R\G\B ---> 77, 186, 24 ( is a green with less brightness than the green of "Green Version") or something similar.
I've already done all the changes for the title name such as change the name with tlp
& then I moved the name in the centre of the titlescreen.
I know what I'm asking is simple, but I didn't found the answer yet because the
topic where I found all the information about the titlescreen name version editing & hacking
disappeared & I wasn't able 2 find it.

comet wrote:

The Game Boy uses 16 bits to hold a color. Each value is 5 bits with the 16th left over.
Your RGB values are out of 255 (8 bits). To fit them into five bits, we want them to be out of 31. Just bitshift each value right 3 (8 - 5) times. This is the same as dividing by 2 three times. A left bitshift multiplies by 2.
red:    77/8 =  9
green: 186/8 = 23
blue:   24/8 =  3
So how do we put it together? The color is arranged from the least-significant bit first:
0bbbbbgg gggrrrrr
                ^ least significant

  blue  green  red
0 00011 10111 01001

00001110 11101001
   0E       E9
Your color condensed to 16 bits is 0EE9.

80C wrote:

ok, thanks, now I know how to convert RGB to bytes,
thank you for converting.
I wanted know also where is located the adress that stores the "Red Version" logo color.

IIMarkus wrote:

At 1C:6660 in Red is an array of SGB palettes, each entry four colors each.
RGB 31,29,31 ; PAL_ROUTE
RGB 21,28,11
RGB 20,26,31
RGB 3,2,2
RGB 31,29,31 ; PAL_PALLET
RGB 25,28,27
RGB 20,26,31
RGB 3,2,2

You’re interested in the $Dth palette (listed in the Red disassembly as “PAL_LOGO1”).

80C wrote:

Sorry if I don't understand fully some things, I never disassembled Pokemon Red before.
I want replace that red with the green converted as 0E E9.
So also the title has 4 colors?
I tried to replace the byte 1C:666D with 0E and the next one (1C:666E) with 9E, but it didn't worked.

Miksy 91 wrote:

The data starts at 1C.6660 (or 0x72660).
The first "set" is;
BF7F  952F 547F 4308
This refers to part:
RGB 31,29,31 ; PAL_ROUTE
RGB 21,28,11
RGB 20,26,31
RGB 3,2,2

Not sure if I understood this correctly either, I'm not that used to converting hexadecimal values into binary just like that (and my Windows Calculator doesn't show 0's before the highest bit that is 1 so I won't bother checking these "16-bit" palettes out one by one).
I'd actually advise you to download Sawakita's RGB Palette Convertor tool. It should somewhere inside the Tools section. It allows you to choose a color using the shades of Red, Green and Blue and then shows the two byte hexadecimal palette value those colors match up with.
Apparently, there is no thread for it in the tools section (one should really make one, I personally really like using this tool).
But you can get it here:

I left this forum.


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