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R\B Trainers' AI

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80C wrote:

1 year ago (I didn't know at that time anything about hex-editing) I tried use a well-known pokemon R\B program that changes the rival's pokemon, it worked but when I challenged the chump at the pokemon league his pokemon usually used weird & half-useless moves (example: Venusaur using Growht continuously & for ever), then I thought his AI went down to 0.
I know in 3rd gen. games you can edit the pokemon AI, (from 0 to 255) and much higher the AI is then much skilled & intelligent (& also sadistic) the pokemon becames.
So, here's in Pokemon R\B(\Y) a byte that stores the AI in the trainer pokemon data?
& what about the table of the R\B trainers?

IIMarkus wrote:

In Red at 0x3a55C is a pointer table, one for each trainer class, and each pointing to an AI routine (probability of switching, using item, etc.). There’s a lot of trainer-related code and data in the vicinity; see AIEnemyTrainerChooseMoves, TrainerAI, LoneMoves, etc. from the Pokémon Red disassembly

I hope it helps.

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