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Super Game Boy blog series

Here’s an interesting series on the features of the Super Game Boy and what games took advantage of them.

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Re: Super Game Boy blog series

Almost every game I had for the gameboy took advantage of the SGB!  I still have it today and it's very very useful for playing old games on the big screen back when we didn't know too much about roms and emu's of today.  It's still useful today if you wanna play on the tv but mine just collects dust now.


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Re: Super Game Boy blog series

My super gameboy these days is an S-Video cable connecting my laptop to my TV and a USB Gamepad. But I still have the original one and the SNES. Sometimes I even hook them up and play games on it. Classic

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Re: Super Game Boy blog series

I never knew Wario had SGB features. Got to check it out.


Truth wrote:

The Super Gameboy is probably the coolest piece of video game hardware in existence.


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Re: Super Game Boy blog series

Sawakita wrote:

I never knew Wario had SGB features. Got to check it out.

I think that screenshot was just there to show what it looked like to play a game with no special SGB features.

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Re: Super Game Boy blog series

People should more use the Super Game Boy features with ROM hacking, like Pokémon Wood.

Hacks Gameboy 8-bit music in Pokémon Gen I & II, composes 8-bit music in LSDJ and FamiTracker.

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