’Cause all games were better on the GBC

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#1 2013-02-15 14:47:31

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why you love GSC??

Hey guys i have to ask why you love gsc??????there are many games with better graphics and features(like whit2,white,ruby etc...)
for me it is a sort of affection.i can't leave this because i am playing it since i was just a little kid. And i love it for much ways......
so tell here why you love it?

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#2 2013-02-15 15:14:54

From: Indigo Plateau
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Re: why you love GSC??

Uhm, coz of its simplicity but exciting gameplay. Literally it was my very first pokemon game to play(through emulation though) when I knew how to use computers. The plot is more appealing to me and it threw a lot of surprises, really, for me.

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#3 2013-02-15 21:48:20

Mr. Magius
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Re: why you love GSC??

Well for one, it takes me back to my childhood. As much as it sounds like a cheap way of enjoying a game, it's a very real factor. I love the feeling of nostalgia.

But G/S/C (and R/B/Y for that matter) can be appreciated for nothing more than its gameplay and mechanics. It's weird to think how much it feels like you're on an adventure in the Pokémon world, when there's no scenery or realistic graphics. You're nothing but a few blocks of pixels walking around in an 8-bit landscape, but it feels like you're there. The graphics in G/S/C are there so the player can experience the story, raising your Pokémon, and the rest of the gameplay.

It seems too many people get caught up with modern graphics and realism that not-visually-fancy games get left in the dust. Graphics may enhance the overall experience, but too many games rely on great graphics to lay across the rest of the game. I prefer immersion through gameplay rather than immersion through graphics and realism.

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#4 2013-02-15 22:20:57

Kuroko Aizawa
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Re: why you love GSC??

Nostalgia and the beauty of the night time palette. Also, the Pokemon designs were good, since they were all done by Sugimori.


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Re: why you love GSC??

For me, this game is simple but fun and it can be played anywhere on my phone.

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Re: why you love GSC??

gsc are my least favorite, r/b were better, byt silver got me into the series and it was awesome as a kid, the fast heart beats when fighting the e4 and red and just playing through them. b/w 2 are my favorite cause of all the content. but because it has better graphics doesnt mean the other games should be left alone.

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