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#1 2010-12-18 07:49:45

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How do I add ONE Pokemon into Gold version?

I have searched for tutorials on this for a while but nothing but Advanced-gen tutorials pop up. I need to add one Pokemon (Missingno) into my Gold hack. I'd like it to be number #000 but 252 will work if nothing else. I DO NOT want it to replace a current Pokemon, which seems to be what adding Pokemon is all about. What I want for it:

(most of this is to make it exactly like Red/Blue)
-Original R/B sprite (I have it)
-Have the high-pitched Zapdos cry
-Type Bird/Normal (Bird is apparently already a type in Gold, or at least it's written with all the type name data)
-Have a garbage overworld sprite in your party selection tab, this might be real easy and just make the sprtie point to utter nonsense
-Know Water Gun, Water Gun, and Sky Attack by default
-Just like a real Missingno, it won't be very effective, just kind of a novelty Pokemon, so learned moves and TM/HM learning will not be necessary.
-Likewise, since the real Missingno is not available to look at in the Red version Pokedex (it's only available data in Red right when you catch the thing), it need not be there in my hack, either, but if there's an easy way to add the data, I'd like to know how to do so.
-Have the R/B stats.

So, how do I do this? Can anyone repoint my browser to an offset with a tutorial?
(Not being a programmer, I can't understand ROM structure to figure it out...)


#2 2010-12-18 08:41:35

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Re: How do I add ONE Pokemon into Gold version?

Adding new pokemon without overwriting can be done, but it apparently tricky. I myself have never actually done it successfully. I seem to remember you having to edit a byte somewhere that edited the total number of pokemon, and you had to manually repoint several tables, and manually insert his sprite and fix the pointers because AgiXP won't load it's data, among other things, but I don't actually remember.

Tauwasser might know a thing or two about this, hopefully he can help you with it. Also, Coolboyman has done it, but he doesn't come around a lot. Sorry I couldn't be of more help

I am not very active on this forum. I only pop in from time to time.


#3 2010-12-18 22:45:08

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Re: How do I add ONE Pokemon into Gold version?

No problem. I'm thinking of MAYBE replacing ONE Pokemon with the Missingno, something very rare and pointless, maybe one of the egg Pokemon. But if I can add one it that would be best, since one of the biggest points of this ROM is the all-obtainable (including Celebi event). Maybe someone else knows.


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