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An inside look at some old sprites and such!

Hey there. As I said in my other thread, I found some old stuff for some old Skeetendo hacks and other things, so I figured I would share some of them with you guys as both memories and just an inside look at some things!

First up are some things from Secrets and Rumors! - An old intro screen - Getting a Pokemon from the Prof. - "Pikablu" - Togepi - The starting town - Glitch Town (yes you could navigate it properly!) - Battling Flying Pikachu - Battling Surfing Pikachu - Battling Venustoise - Battling Yoshi - Sprite for Flying Pika - Sprite for Chryssaliss - Sprite for Doomsay - Sprite for Doomsday - Sprite for Ghost - Sprite for MissingNo. - Chart that listed which rumored Pokemon would replace which existing Pokemon.

Next is some stuff from Sterling Silver (Cry of Celebi). I can't remember if all of these were CoC, but I'm pretty sure they were. - New Starter (First Stage, no name) - New Starter (Second Stage, no name) - New Starter (Third Stage, no name) - New Starter Backsprite (First Stage, no name) - New Starter Backsprite (Second Stage, no name) - New Starter Backsprite (Third Stage, no name) - Linoone - Luvdisc - Hitmonleechan - Hitmonleechan Backsprite - Main character, which is the main character from the Trading Card Game, this sprite is custom made though  - Alternate Version - Gym Leader (Pyro) - Gym Leader (Drew) - Gym Leader (Flannery) - Gym Leader (Katelynn) - Random Falkner Sprite (May have been the sprite for Mateo as a Gym Leader, I don't remember :P) - Lavaridge GBC!

The Gym Leader List
I don't remember why the levels were so high in this list!

Matt (Normal)       Chris (Ghost)
Lv. 40 Linoone      Lv. 42 Haunter
Lv. 41 Noctowl      Lv. 40 Gastly
Lv. 41 Linoone      Lv. 42 Haunter
Lv. 42 Tauros       Lv. 41 Banette
Lv. 43 Persian      Lv. 43 Gengar

Flannery (Fire)        Lance (Dragon)
Lv. 40 Torkoal        Lv. 41 Dragonite
Lv. 41 Magcargo     Lv. 42 Aerodactyl
Lv. 37 Charizard     Lv. 41 Dragonite
Lv. 41 Magcargo     Lv. 40 Salamence
Lv. 42 Flareon        Lv. 42 Kingdra

Selene (Dark)       Kreig (Electric)
Lv. 42 Mightyena   Lv. 41 Electrike
Lv. 40 Umbreon    Lv. 40 Raichu
Lv. 42 Mightyena   Lv. 42 Jolteon
Lv. 41 Absol          Lv. 41 Electabuzz
Lv. 41 Murkrow     Lv. 42 Raichu

Drew (Steel)         Katelynn (Psychic)
Lv. 40 Magneton    Lv. 40 Drowzee
Lv. 42 Steelix        Lv. 41 Mr.Mime
Lv. 41 Scizor         Lv. 41 Hypno
Lv. 41 Scizor         Lv. 42 Alakazam
Lv. 41 Skarmory   Lv. 40 Jynx

There's also some code for a Battle Practice Machine that I think Mateo was working on at the time.

At one point, we were considering making an advanced version of Cry of Celebi, either as a rom hack or in RPG Maker XP, in the same sort of engine that Acanthite used. It didn't get very far, and there were a few more routes and towns mapped, but I'm not sure where those went unfortunately.

This is some random stuff either for the advanced version of CoC, or just other things, I don't remember what belongs where. - Flameon Starter (Baby Flareon) - Bolteon Starter (Baby Jolteon) - Vaboreon Starter (Baby Vaporeon)
I can't recall if I made these three, or if someone else did. - Random Trainer - Random Trainer 2 - Random Trainer 3 - Random Trainer 4 - Random Trainer 5 - Deoxys/Mewtwo cross - This is from some random rom I have labeled "Hoenn GBC". I don't remember at all what I, or we, were doing there. You start here and can't go anywhere except on the cliffs. May have been a test.

That's all for now!
A pretty long list, and I'm sure there's more somewhere, but this is all I've found for the time being. I'm not sure if you can use any of this stuff or not since some where made by me, some were made by Mateo, and some may have been randomly found, but most of this stuff was going to be used at one point or another. I remember most of the things I made, but some I can't remember whether Mateo or I made it.


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Re: An inside look at some old sprites and such!

Hey that's a nice find! Man, these bring back some memories. A lot of these I lost, especially the new Pokemon from Sterling Silver. I'd been looking for those sprites for a while now, to hopefully bring him back in Pokemon Christmas. If I remember correctly, their names were "Nevico" "Nevacho" and "Nevombre" (as a cross between Nieve and Chico, Nieve and Muchacho, and Nieve and Hombre) Why we based the names on Spanish words I'm not sure about, but if I had to guess its because I was taking Spanish classes at the time.

I think the reasons the levels were so high on the Gym Leaders is because we would be replacing the leaders in the second region, not the primary one (since it still started in Johto).

Also, I know at least one or two of those sprites weren't even for a real Pokemon game, but for that ridiculous "CHHS: The Game" that KyoMew and I were working on. It used Pokemon graphics, but was set at our highschool. The Flannery-based trainer was supposed to be a girl named Brittany who was in band with us.

I'm also glad you found those old Pokegod sprites as well. Some might need some updating to match the style of the other sprites, but I lost a lot of those years ago so this is great. Thanks for posting all of this.

I am not very active on this forum. I only pop in from time to time.


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Re: An inside look at some old sprites and such!

Ah, those names do sound familiar. Also the levels being that high for the second region would explain it.

I remember that CHHS game now. I also have a copy of Kyo's old RPG Maker game, TSMSGE (The Second Most Stupidest Game Ever I think?) haha.

Also yeah the Pokegod sprites were remakes of some really badly jpg'd versions on some Angelfire site I think it was.


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